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No matter how well you have performed during your past qualifications or how well you have scored in English language exams i.e. IELTS, PTE or TOEFL or you don't have any gap in your studies or you have got admission at a leading institution, irrespective of all these factors, a statement of purpose which you provide with your visa application is one such documents that determine the success of your visa application. So, writing a statement of purpose requires proper attention to what can be included in it and how it must be arranged. In this article, you will find the best statement of purpose format for writing an SOP for student visa applications.

Statement of Purpose Format: 

  • General introduction: here, one has to provide his/her personal details i.e. name, DoB, country of residence, nationality etc. However, it is not mandatory but you can include some lines that could signify your interest in studying further in your chosen field.
  • Academic details: include details of your schooling to the current level of education. Specifically, mention here the level of education/qualifications you completed i.e. level 10th or level 12th or bachelor's, institution/school name from where you completed a particular qualification, year of completion of that particular qualification, and percentage of marks/CGPA/GPA you secured at a particular level of studies.
  • Reasons for not studying in your home country: make efforts to include some genuine/authentic reasons here that let you choose abroad instead of your home country for pursuing your further education. Don't try to put the things which you find on the internet, just try to figure out the facts that make studying abroad a better option than studying in your home country. 
  • Reasons for choosing a particular destination: choosing a particular destination for studying abroad is a difficult task for most of the international students as plenty of options are available for it. Basically, the factors that govern the decision of a student for choosing a particular destination for studying include: reputation of the country in the field of higher education, cost of study, personal safety, living costs etc. You can add on other factors as well if you find these to be worthy of including in your statement of purpose
  • Reasons for choosing a particular institution: at your chosen abroad destination, you might have a number of institutions offering similar courses in the field you have chosen to study. So, now you have to explain in detail why a particular institution is best suited to you. Here, you can make a comparison on the basis of rankings of that particular institution, study costs or study location (you might prefer to study in a particular city in that country) etc.    
  • Reasons for choosing a particular course: whatsoever course you are choosing to study at an abroad institution, it has some aspects that are appealing to you i.e. it would let you acquire professional skills in a particular area of study. So, basically, you have to pen down the reasons how your chosen course would help you in securing a better future. 
  • Career Goals: after completing your studies, what goals you have set for your future i.e. which companies you have decided to join, what level of employment you are expecting after completing a particular course and what salaries you are expecting etc. 
Sample Statement of Purpose for Student Visa

The Visa Officer
Canada High Commission
New Delhi

Subject: a detailed summary of my future study and career plans in support of my Canada study permit application

Respected Sir/Madam

I am XXXX (DoB: XX/XX/XXXX), residing in XXXX. I am an Indian national. We are a nuclear family of 4 members; my father (mention his name and occupation), my mother (mention her name and occupation), my elder brother (mention his name and occupation) and myself. 

Previously, I completed my level 12th studies in the year 20XX from XXXX school and scored XX.XX % of marks. I opted Maths, Chemistry and Physics as core subjects at my level 12th studies. The reason behind taking up these subjects was my plans for studying further in the field of technology; knowing mathematical methods for calculations and physics principles is a must to pursue higher studies in technological fields. And now, I have decided to study the Ontario College Diploma - Computer Systems Technician program at George Brown College, Canada. 

The reason behind choosing the field of information technology for my further studies is that IT boom in the country (India) has triggered the demand for computing professionals and IT field in India has been estimated to grow exponentially in the coming years and so, in regards of future career employment, one can be assured of a rewarding career in IT field in India. 

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Going through the options (diploma & bachelor degrees) available for my further studies in India in the field of information technology I realized that doing a diploma from India will be of no use to me as Indian diploma/certificate courses have nearly no recognition among Indian MNCs for seeking employment and for pursuing a bachelor degree in IT it is must to me, cracking the national level entrance exam (JEE) for technological/engineering courses with better ranks. And if I consider cracking this exam with better ranks, firstly I have to join specialized courses for the same and still, there are possibilities that I can't get the rank that would help me secure admission at reputed engineering colleges in India. So, I found it better for me, exploring my further study options in abroad. 

Canada, being a technologically advanced country, offers the perfect place to study in the field of information technology. Canada offers a range of study options for studying in the field of information technology i.e. from diploma to bachelor's degree courses. Also, options available in Canada to study in the field of information technology are well suited to the budget of international students; costs for studying IT courses in Canada are comparatively lower than studying similar courses in USA, UK or Australia. To Indians, Canada offers the perfect place to live and study; a large majority of international students studying in Canada are from India and so, living in Canada for Indian students is somewhat similar to living in India. Canadian institutions are well known for supporting international students in pursuing their higher education in Canada by proving them with a range of scholarships. 

For my studies in the field of information technology, I found George Brown College, the most suitable option for me: being one of Canada's top research colleges, George Brown College offers research-intensive learning environments to the students; students can get the advantage of working on real-world industry projects. Eductors at George Brown College are industrially experienced professionals who have detailed academic expertise in their subject areas. Also, the Ontario College Diploma - Computer Systems Technician program at George Brown College is one of the perfectly structured courses to get one's self to be efficient in working in various key areas related to the field of information technology i.e. programming, computer network designing and administration, security of computer systems networks and web technologies development etc. All these IT skills are highly demanded among IT employers and hence, I can be assured of a rewarding career after completion of this course. CISCO designated George Brown College an Area Support Centre and Instructor Training Centre and this provide a guarantee of the latest industry-standard tools/equipment in the labs. Also, Ontario College Diploma - Computer Systems Technician program at George Brown College is so affordable that an international student can easily meet all the expenses related to his study without any additional financial support. 

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However, I am sure of returning back to my home country for pursuing my professional career journey in a long run. But on completing my studies at George Brown College I will make an application for post-study work permit, so that I may stay further for a period of 1-2 years after completing my studies, to gain professional working experience with a Canadian employer in the IT field. Working profile with an international employer along with an international academic credential can significantly raise one's chances of getting hired by the leading IT companies in India i.e. Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Pvt. Ltd, Digitaux Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Kays Harbor Technologies, iGate or Infosys Private Limited etc. For IT professionals (IT Technician, Network Designer, Systems Security Officer, Web Application Developer or Network Architect etc.), salaries ranging from INR 40,000 to 60,000 monthly are offered in starting years of their professional career. Also, IT professionals are one such professional in India that could get unexpected growth in salaries with gaining professional expertise in the field i.e. salaries can go up to INR 80,000 to 1.25 Lakhs on monthly basis. And so, completing the Ontario College Diploma - Computer Systems Technician program at George Brown College will help me in starting my professional journey in IT field.  

So, it is my humble request to the visa officer for granting me Canadian study permit and let me enable of pursuing said qualification from George Brown College.

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