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   (SOP Sample for Australia)

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Drafting a unique SOP for Australian Student Visa file is not an easy task without a proper guidance & expert advice, even for the brightest of the student. Hope this SOP sample can help students to understand the right way of compilation of facts/information in SOP at their own.  

Personal & Academic Details

Introducing myself, I am (mention your name) resident of (mention address according to passport), India. My date of birth is (mention DOB) & I am a single having Indian citizenship by birth. My Indian passport no. is (mention passport number). Currently I am living in a nuclear family (mention number of family members & give their names & occupation details here). Describing my academic qualification, I completed my secondary school examination from (mention school name & board of study) in year (mention year) with  (mention GPA or % of marks obtained). After this I completed senior secondary school examination from (mention school name & board of study) in year (mention year) with (mention GPA or % of marks obtained) having (mention major four subject) as major Subjects. I also prepared for PTE/IELTS Academic exam & appeared for the same on (mention date of exam) and got an overall band score of (mention overall score PTE/IELTS score).

Motivation for further study in the field of Artificial Intelligence

After completing my senior secondary school level exam I started exploring about my further study options & noticed it to be more beneficial to study in the domain of artificial intelligence in relevance to current & future Indian market trends which are indicating the availability of a flourishing job market for artificial intelligence professionals & also, much better salary packages offered to them as compared to other computing professionals.

Why I decided not to pursue my further study in India & chosen abroad?

For my further study options in India I researched a lot and came to know about the following institutions offering bachelor of technology course with specialization in the area of artificial intelligence; Indraprastha Institute of information technology, IIIT, Great Lake International University, Sharda University, Amity University etc. But on exploring about the course details of respective study program, I found it much time consuming & challenging to get admitted at these as described here; it is mandatory to have competitive ranks in either of these national-level exams; AIEEE, JEE, JEE mains for admission. But it requires at least a year of comprehensive study to secure better ranks in these national-level exams. Also, due to limited seat availability & community/state-based distribution of available seats in respective study program it is much challenging to get admitted at these even after satisfying the eligibility criteria for admission. Keeping all these factors in mind I decided to explore my further study options in abroad. (you can add some more factors here)

Why I preferred to study in Australia & not in any other abroad country?

While exploring my further study options in abroad I found a number of institutions in USA, UK, Australia, & Canada offering bachelor qualifications with specialization in areas of artificial intelligence; Illinois Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Advancing Technology, University Leeds, Deakin University, The University of Newcastle, RMIT University, La Trobe University, University of Toronto & Queen’s University. On exploring about the respective course details at these I found these below said facts which diverted my attention towards Australia; tuition fee costs at Australian institutions are lower as compared to institutions at USA & UK and also, at UK’s & Canada’s Institutions & course starting dates are available in month of September 2020 instead of February/March 2020. Apart from this I noticed some more good factors about Australia; Qualifications from Australian institutions have equal acceptable/recognized globally as that from USA or UK. Australian institutions are well known for offering modern infrastructure & world-class resources for education/research. It is considered to be more safe than USA & UK. Australian cities are considered among the top livable cities in the world. Australian Government as well as Universities offers a number of scholarships to International students. On assessing all these factors I found that it is most suitable for me to pursue my further education in Australia.

Why I decided to study at Deakin University & not at any other Australian University?

After making the decision of pursuing my further education in Australia I started researching about Australian course providers in detail & came to know about following information; one of the most promising fact about all the course providers is their well known global reputation. Annual tuition fee costs for respective study programs are lower at Deakin University as compared to other universities (Deakin University-33,000 AUD, The University of Newcastle- 34,510 AUD, RMIT University-34,560 AUD & La Trobe university-36,200 AUD). After knowing the facts; a globally known university & comparatively lower tuition fee costs, my attention got shifted towards Deakin University. On further exploring about Deakin University I noticed some more good factors about it; it is situated in Melbourne city which is counted among major/most livable cities in Australia. academic faculty is comprised of expert educators having extensive industrial experiences, world class infrastructure resources are provided on campus for learning, Internship/workshops are integrated with courses to provide valuable industrial exposure, smaller class size ratios are well maintained to provide more personalized learning experience. Apart from these facts, I have been offered with Deakin India Under-Graduate Bursary which has reduced my tuition fee by 20% for entire duration of my course. Keeping all these factors in my mind I concluded that Deakin University is the best study option for me to pursue my further education in Australia.

Why I decided to pursue bachelor of artificial intelligence course at Deakin University?

To acquire an academic qualification that would enable me to switch start my professional career in respective domain (artificial intelligence) I found bachelor of artificial intelligence course at Deakin University, the best study option for me as it would equip me with all the essential knowledge & working skills required to design, develop & implement digital/software solutions & applications in regards to Artificial intelligence. Describing the course details, it is of three years duration & requires 24 credit points (20 credit points from core units & 4 from electives) to complete it and comprised of following core units;

  • Trimester-Introduction to programming, Discrete Mathematics, algorithms & computing systems, Introduction to artificial intelligence
  • Trimester 2-Object oriented development, Data & information management, Networks & communications & Introduction to mathematical modeling
  • Trimester 3- Data structures & algorithms and Artificial & computational intelligence
  • Trimester 4-Programming paradigms, Professional practice in IT & Linear algebra for data analysis
  • Trimester 5-Data mining & machine learning & Advanced topics in artificial intelligence, Trimester 6-Optimization & constraint programming & Software architecture & Scalability for internet-of-things etc. 

Job market in India for AI & my future career plans

Closely inspecting the current Indian market trends, the major contributing factors behind the expansion of AI domain in India are; increasing dependence of industrial & corporate processes (finance, retail & manufacturing etc.) on AI tools & rapidly increasing investments in AI sector. All these factors can be directly translated into the stabilization/development of job market for professionals engaged in domain of AI as with expansion of respective sector in India, more professionals would be needed to work in field of AI. After completing the respective degree from Deakin University I can work as an; AI Engineer, AI Applications Developer, Algorithms Developer & IoT Applications Developer etc. For availing one of the best career options I will make efforts to get a working place at these top Indian MNCs; Accenture, IBM, Capgemini & Wipro etc. In starting, I can easily avail a salary package of about INR 05 to 07 lakhs that would be revised to better values after acquiring handsome experience.

Financial Status of my family

To bear all the expenses related to my further study in Australia, my family is going to provide full assistance. Being a well employed/having well settled business & having an annual income of INR(mention amount) , my family’s financial status is fully sound. Not only the income, but the FDRs of my father/mother which amounts to be INR (mention amount) is available as another helping hand to my study abroad program.

Warm Regards

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