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Sample SOP for Biotechnology: Master of Biotechnology (Texas A & M University)

Biotechnology has a significant contribution to diverse industrial sectors i.e. agriculture, pharmaceuticals, genetics, food processing industry etc. and also, biotechnology has played an important part in the discovery of various medicinal drugs that have saved billions of lives all across the globe. So it is very well understood that gaining professional expertise in the biotechnology domain would enable an individual to have a plethora of career options in the future. 

At my level 10th studies, once a week our class went to the biology lab and we examine micro-organisms (amoeba) under the microscope. And it was my first practical exposure to the field of life sciences that planted a seed of curiosity in me to further explore the field of life sciences and so, I took biology as one of the core subjects at my level 12th studies. To enlarge my knowledge quotient in the field of life sciences I enrolled in bachelor of science degree course (XXXX University, completed in year 20XX with 1st division). Also, I got a combined verbal and quantitative GRE score of  XXXX. And now I am trying to get enrolled in the Master of Biotechnology course at Texas A & M University. 

For getting competently skilled in the domain of biotechnology, I realized that studying further in USA would be most suitable;  USA is counted among one of the most advanced countries in biotechnology, way ahead of India in biotech research and so, pursuing higher education in the biotechnology field in the USA can let me gain the latest and future-oriented professional working knowledge regarding biotech methods/techniques. 

Studying in the biotech field at Texas A & M University is going to be well inclined with my needs; Texas A & M University is counted among US' leading research universities in various domains including biotechnology and so, studying master's in biotechnology course at Texas A & M University would let me have an advanced set of skills regarding the latest biotech analytical techniques/methods. Exploring the Master of Biotechnology course at Texas A & M University I noticed that it is structured to provide knowledge toward advanced laboratory research techniques for DNA/RNA analysis, protein analysis, and biological analysis. Also, world-renowned biotech researchers are part of the biotech academic faculty of Texas A & M University, and hence, students can learn from them regarding the latest research trends in the biotech field.  And so, completing this course will let me have much-needed skills/knowledge in the biotech field for starting my professional journey in the concerned field. 

Returning back to India is on my mind, just after completing my studies at Texas A & M University. Panacea Biotech Limited, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Biocon Ltd, and Novo Nordisk etc. are some of the Indian employers in the biotech sector with whom I would try to start my professional career journey in the biotech field in India. Biotech professionals (biotech scientists, biotech analysts, researchers or biotechnologists etc.) can be offered salaries around INR XX lakhs to XX lakhs at starting stages of their careers with these employers.  

So, I humbly made a request to the admission committee to consider my candidature for the mentioned course and let me fulfill my educational and career aspirations by studying Master of Biotechnology course at Texas A & M University


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