Well Written Covering Letter for Australia Tourist Visa


Each year, thousands of visitor or tourist visa applications are made for visiting Australia and a considerable fraction of these applications are refused just because of not providing an explanatory cover letter with the visa application. It is one of the essential requirements while making a tourist or visitors visa application for Australia to provide a cover letter that clearly explains the reason and duration of your visit to Australia and provide other important and relevant information to the visa officer that could help him, making a favorable decision for your tourist or visitor visa application. 

To provide you with the exact idea of what and how much information has to be included in the covering letter for Australia tourist visa, you can refer to this below-mentioned sample for covering letter for Australia tourist visa:

Covering Letter Format for Australia Tourist/Visitor Visa

The Visa Officer
Australian High Commission
New Delhi

Subject: application for Australia visitor visa (subclass 600) for myself and my wife for visiting Australia for during the period of XXXX to XXXX for XXXX days

Respected Visa Officer,

I, Mr. ……… S/o Sh. ……….. and my wife: Mrs. …….., residents of India (mention your full address), we have made a plan for visiting Australia for  ……  days (from ……  to …….). We personally researched various world-famous tourist spots in Australia which we have included in our plan to visit in Australia: Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Skydeck, Melbourne Museum etc. So, I am making Australian visitor visa applications (subclass 600) for both of us to visit these above-specified tourist spots in Australia.  

For staying temporarily in Australia, we have made hotel bookings whose details are given below:

  • Hotel Name: and Address: mention hotel details
  • Hotel Name and Address: mention hotel details

I am employed as an “……..” at “………” and my wife is managing her own nail art business with name “…..” Both of us are making an annual income of around INR …… from our respective professions. Also, I have some movable and immovable assets on my name in my home country which are valued around INR ………. So, our financial status in our home country is sound enough and permit us to fulfill our desire of visiting some of the most iconic places in Australia and live some of the happiest moments of our lives.

To meet all the costs related to our visit to Australia, we have enough funds available to us; I (……. mention your name) have INR ……. in my savings bank account and my wife has an amount of INR …….. in her savings bank account.

We are adding these following documents with our visa applications:

  • Notarized passport copies for all the pages of my passport
  • Notarized passport copies for all the pages of my wife’s passport
  • My wife’s savings bank account statements
  • My wife’s  ITRs
  • My  savings bank account statements
  • My  income tax returns
  • My wife’s business registration certificate
  • Documents for moveable and immovable assets possessed by me  in my home country
  • Digital photographs for myself and my wife
  • My and my wife’s Aadhar card copies (notarized)
  • NOC letter from my employer
  • My Pay slips
  • My fixed deposits account statement
  • My provident fund account statement
  • My Marriage certificate
  • Business take care affidavit from my wife’s side

For any further details we can be contacted at: email ID: ………….. or mobile number: +91-………….

(mention your names)

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