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SOP for USA: Some Key Details 

To secure admission to reputed universities/institutions in the USA, one must present his/her future study as well as career plans in detail using an SOP (statement of purpose). How well you compile the facts/information in the SOP will determine the success of your admission application at an institution in the USA. However, it is advised that one must keep the word limit for an SOP between 1000-1200 words. But if you can describe all the necessary & relevant facts/information in just 600-800 words in the SOP, even then you have way better chances of getting a place in a particular course at a particular institution in USA than with an SOP having 1000 words or more. 

And hence, it is suggested that rather than focusing on the word limit, you must put focus on describing the meaningful information/facts in the SOP. Another important factor that you must keep in your mind while drafting an SOP for an institution in the USA is that if the university has fixed the number of words you have to put in the SOP, never ever try to write over the specified limit. Also, never go too personal while writing an SOP, you just need to put relevant and necessary information that could present your plans in the simplest and most holistic way. Yes, you can describe your academic achievements during school-level or university-level studies along with extracurricular accomplishments, but you are advised to do this in limit and just focus on explaining mainly the facts which motivated you to study at a particular course at an institution in the USA and your future career plans on completing your studies. 

Actually, in the SOP, the admission committee counts for your awareness regarding the chosen course, the chosen university, and future career plans. Also, they tried to find out what level of skills/knowledge you already possess in the particular field of your choice for higher studies. 

SOP for USA Sample:

Those who dream big can only achieve big things in life, I always keep this approach in my life and face all the challenges in life with confidence. Starting my school-level of studies I have performed well in academics. By the time I am holding a bachelor's degree in technology (B.Tech - Computer Science and Engineering, passed in year 20XX from XXXX university). Basically, during my bachelor's I gain enough knowledge about various concepts that fall under the domain of computer science and engineering i.e. programming languages, coding, programming, software development, computer networking, cyber security etc. However, with my current education, I can easily find employment with some Indian employers. But I don't want to hold myself at a level where I would have to struggle a lot in the future to see any career growth. 

Acquiring skills in the field of artificial intelligence can help me start my professional career in a field that has way better approximation for its growth in the coming future not only in my home country (India) but globally; Statista suggested that by the year 2025, artificial intelligence software market would touch the mark of 126 billion dollars worldwide. In the recent era, whatsoever is the industry, artificial intelligence in some instances has influenced it.  My decision for pursuing further studies abroad was influenced by the fact that India is still way behind in AI research than most of the developed nations and so, it is hardly possible to gain expertise regarding world-class AI technologies by studying in the AI field in India. My decision for marking the USA for my further studies was based on the fact that USA is considered the most developed nation worldwide and the USA is at the forefront in experimenting with AI technologies and hence studying in the USA can benefit me in terms of providing exposure of the latest AI techniques and technologies getting developed in recent time and would be in use in coming future by the industries. 

In the USA, I have preferably chosen to study MS in Artificial Intelligence course at McCormick School of Engineering. Academic faculty at McCormick School of Engineering comprises world-class researchers in the field of machine learning, automated reasoning systems, and natural language processing and hence, I can feel confident about the fact that at NorthWestern University I will study from the best in the world and would help me gaining knowledge regarding future trends related to the domain of artificial intelligence. Industrial mentors/speakers would help the students to get awareness regarding the needs/requirements of modern industrial workspaces in relation to AI technologies. Through industrial partnerships, McCormick School of Engineering helps students to get valuable real-world industry experiences with tech-based companies in Chicago in designing and deploying AI systems. 

On completion of MS in AI course at McCormick School of Engineering, I will get back to India. India is the house to some of the leading tech employers in the world for seeking future career employment in AI field i.e. TCS, Accenture, HCL Technologies, HP, Wipro and many more in the list. For AI-related job roles (AI Engineer, AI Systems Designer, AI Technologist or AI Analyst, etc.), a starting salary in the range of INR 50,000 to 70,000 can be expected. And hence, studying MS in AI course at McCormick School of Engineering would be the foundation stone for a promising career in AI field to me.  


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