New Visa SOP Format (300 words) for Australia


Recently DOHA (Department of Home Affairs Australia (Immigration and Citizenship) has updated the GTE SOP requirements. Now one has to submit an SOP of 300 words (2000 characters). And just because of it, students are facing problems regarding what to include in the SOP. Before that, there were hardly any restrictions imposed on the length of the GTE statement and students can freely express their thoughts and research in the SOP without worrying about word limits. 

However writing a 300-word GTE statement is not a big concern, but what has to be included in that GTE SOP is a major concern. Through this article, you can find what and how much to include in the GTE SOP. 

New Format for GTE SOP: while writing GTE statement, you  must include the following points in brief:

  • Personal introduction and academic details (max 2-3 lines, mentioning your name, DoB, citizenship, passport number, country of residence)
  • Gap explanation (if any, not more than 3 lines) 
  • Employment related details (if applicable, not more than 2-3 lines)
  • Explanation for choosing the particular study program (not more than 4 lines)
  • Explanation for choosing the particular institution (not more than 4-5 lines)
  • Explanation for not studying in India (not more than 4-5 lines)
  • Key details of living in Australia (not more than 3 lines, explain what you know about living in Australia)
  • Future career plans (not more than 4-5 lines)
  • Details regarding funding available to you and family status in your home country (not more than 3-4 lines) 
  • Immigration history (not more than 2 lines)
  • Ties to the native country (not more than 3 lines)
However, it is really difficult to adjust this much information in 300 words GTE SOP, but following this above-described format, you can find great help for writing GTE statement.

Before finalizing your GTE statement, please visit: Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement page of DOHA (Department of Home Affairs Australia (Immigration and Citizenship)

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