Covering Letter for Canada Tourist Visa


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The Visa Officer
Canada High Commission
New Delhi 

Subject: application for Canada visitor visa for casually meeting my daughter

Respected Visa Officer,

I, Mr. XXXX (DoB – XXXX, Indian Passport No: XXXX, employed in XXXX as XXXX) have been invited by my daughter: Ms. XXXX (DoB – XXXX and Indian Passport No: XXXX) to come to Canada. She has sent me an invitation to join her from XXXX to XXXX. My daughter is currently residing at XXXX in Canada and she is holding Canada study permit. And I am going to accommodate her at the same address while my stay in Canada. 

I am generating an annual income of around INR XXXX and also, the availability of funds for this proposed visit to Canada is not a matter of concern to me as I possess INR XXXX in my XXXX Bank’s saving account. Also, in India, I have more than INR XXXX crores of assets (movable and immovable) that further assure that I am financially affluent in my native country and fully capable of meeting all the expenses related to the proposed visit to Canada for above mentioned time period.

I am going to provide below mentioned documents with my Canada visitor visa application

  • ·         Notarized passport copies
  • ·         My bank account statement with a closing balance of INR …….  lakhs
  • ·         Property documents
  • ·         My cars RCs
  • ·         CA reports
  • ·         ITRs
  • ·         Digital photographs for myself
  • ·         Property take care affidavit
  • ·         Passport copy of my daughter
  • ·         My daughter’s study permit copy
  • ·         Enrollment letter for my daughter from concerned institution in Canada
  • ·         Driving license of my daughter
  • ·         Invitation for me from my daughter to come to Canada

Please contact me at XXXX (mention mobile number) or XXXX (mention email) for further information, if needed to process my Canada visitor visa application


(Note: you can also add your flight details as well in the cover letter)

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