Covering letter for Tourist Visa Format




The Embassy Officer 
XXXX (Mention the country name for which you are applying) Embassy

Subject: covering letter for our XXXX (country name) Tourist visa applications

Respected Embassy Officer

We, myself (mention name), my wife(mention name), and my daughter(mention name) have made plans to visit XXXX (country name) during the period of XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/XXXX. We have made this plan to make our dream come true of visiting some of the most astonishing places in XXXX(country name); XXXX etc. (mention here some of the visiting places/tourist spots you wish to visit while you are in the country of your choice)

By profession I am a XXXX (mention occupation), generating annually an amount of INR XXXX, my wife is currently running her own business; XXXX (business name) and making a contribution of INR XXXX to the family income from her business and my daughter is studying at XXXX (school/college name).

I have an amount of INR XXXX in my savings account at XXXX bank and my wife has a savings account with XXXX bank in which currently she has an amount of INR XXXX. So, we have plenty of readily available funds to meet all the expenses related to our visit to XXXX (country name)

For any further details, we can be contacted via mobile; XXXX (mobile number) Or email: XXXX (mention email address).

With our visa applications, the following documents are attached:

  • Notarized Passport Copy (for all applicants)
  • Digital photographs (for all applicants)
  • Savings account statements 
  • Property valuation report 
  • NoC cum leave sanction letter from the college/school for my daughter
  • NoC cum leave sanction letter for me from my employer 
  • Flight booking
  • Hotel bookings

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