An Approved Student Visa SOP for UK

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The Visa Officer
British High Commission 
New Delhi

Subject: detailed presentation of my plans for studying MSc Data Science and Analytics course at The University of Hertfordshire and my future career planning in support of my UK Student Visa Application

With a great feeling of cheerfulness, I am writing down this statement of purpose for explaining in detail, my planning for pursuing “MSc Data Science & Analytics” course at “The University of Hertfordshire” in the UK. Firstly I introduce myself; I am XXXX (date of birth:  XX/XX/XXXX), possessing Indian nationality from my birth. Describing my academic profile, I am a postgraduate with master of computer applications degree - MCA (completed in year 20XX with first division from XXXX College, XXXX (mention state/district name). And now I have decided to upgrade my skill quotient and acquire professional expertise in the area of data science/analytics. For my further studies, I explored all the possible options i.e. institutions in my home country and abroad and found it to be the most suitable to pursue my further education in the UK & that too at the University of Hertfordshire. 

My decision of pursuing my further studies in the UK instead of India or USA or any other abord country is the outcome of various factors: however, a number of reputed Indian institutions are offering master's degree courses in data science and analytics, but for admission to these institutions, firstly, I have to crack GATE exam with better ranks. Also, to get knowledge of the latest technologies related to the field of data science and analytics I don't think that the curriculum available at Indian institutions can compete with the curriculum offered by abroad institutions; considering research activities or innovations in the field of data science/ analytics, India can hardly compete with most of the developed nations.

And reasons behind my decision for particularly choosing the UK over USA or Australia for my further studies are: UK is consistently placed among the world's top countries for research in data science/analytics and hence, by studying at an institution in the UK, one can easily acquire skills/knowledge regarding the latest technologies/techniques relevant to the domain of data science/analytics. None of the institutions in the UK is demanding any kind of specified test scores for admission to master's degree courses in data science/analytics. Also, it is comparatively less expensive to study a master's degree course in data science/analytics at institutions in the UK than at institutions of equivalent reputation in the USA or Australia. UK's degrees are considered the most valuable assets for securing jobs with world's best employers. Availability of financial help from UK's government and institutions to the international students enables them to realize their dreams of studying in the UK.   

Researching the options available in the UK for studying a master's degree course in data science/analytics I realized that the University of Hertfordshire would be the best option to me: it is worldwide recognized for its research excellence in computer science and informatics (REF - Research Excellence Framework) and hence, to study in the field of data science and analytics, the University of Hertfordshire can be considered as one of the best options in the world. Integration of world-class curriculum (MSc Data Science and Analytics course being accredited by the BCS (British Computer Society), it is very well ensured that curriculum offered for the course would be of world-class quality) with laboratories having industry standards tools/technologies would enable an individual to get one of the best learning experiences. In MSc Data Science and Analytics course, study modules related to the field of data science and analytics are clubbed in such a perfect way that it helps to develop an advanced level of professional expertise regarding the field of data science and analytics. Also, Hertfordshire offers plenty of affordable living options nearby the campus of the University of Hertfordshire.  

However, there are decent possibilities of getting post-study work visa for UK to me on completing my education at the University of Hertfordshire. But rather than staying in the UK for a longer period of time, I would prefer to come back to India; I have the social responsibility of supporting my family and taking care of our ancestral property. Moreover, India is house to some of the best employers in the world for seeking future career employment in the field of data science/analytics i.e. IBM, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Technologies Ltd etc. Starting my career with either of these employers as a data science/analytics professional (Data Science Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Modeler or Data Analytics Consultant etc.) would enable me to easily get a monthly remuneration of INR 45,0000 to 65,000. Searching about the career growth possibilities in respective working domains I realized that an amount of 80,000 to 1,15,000 on monthly basis can be offered to experienced data science/analyst professionals by these employers. 

And so, completing MSc Data Science and Analytics course at the University of Hertfordshire would let me enable of starting my career in the field of data science/analytics in my home country; assumed to be one of the best working domains for seeking future career employment in computing allied working domains in India.   

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