Best Sample SOP for Business Management

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Sample SOP for Business Management

SOP Sample for Business Management

Since my childhood, I was very much inclined towards pursuing my future career in the field of business management and later on establishing my own business firm. But in doing so it was necessary to me, acquiring professional expertise in field of business management. So, firstly I opted business subjects (accountancy, business studies and economics) at my school level of studies (senior school certificate examination - CBSE) so that I could have a sound understanding of the fundamentals of business field.

I scored XX.XX percentage of marks at my level 12th of studies. And now to take my existing knowledge regarding the business field to the next level and for acquiring working skills regarding key working areas associated with business field I have decided to further pursue an academic credential in field of business management. But I preferred to study in abroad instead of India as it could offer me an opportunity to get exposure of world-class resources for education that could help me to transform my abilities into real-world working capacities.

When I started exploring various study abroad destinations, I found that in the list of international education providers, USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Germany are at the top. Living standards and infrastructural resources offered in USA and UK are world-class but on considering USA and UK for higher education I noticed that costs associated with study and living are much higher as compared to other countries stated above.

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Australia is well known for its multicultural diversity. Australian government’s policies signify its strong commitment to promote cultural diversity by welcoming the migrants from all over world. Pursuing study in Australia is a little less expensive than USA and UK but is higher as compared to Canada or Germany.

Going to Germany for higher education is also the best option because of its world-class reputation in the field of higher education and comparatively lower costs associated with education and living. An ample count of scholarships is offered by the German government and universities to the international students, catering a part of tuition fee to full tuition fee waiver. But the most difficult part to get education from Germany is the necessity of having German language proficiency to rectify the communication gap with locals for a harmonious relation.

After this, I researched about Canada and found the following facts: qualifications offered at Canadian universities and colleges are recognized globally similar to USA, UK, Australia but are offered at affordable costs.  Canada being a land full of cultural diversity welcomes and encourages migrants from all over the world to live with a peaceful and most companionable society. Canada stands above Australia, UK and USA in the world’s safest countries ratings. Also, Canada regularly ranks among top ten countries in the United Nations Quality of life index. English, being the widely used language in Canada, there is no possibility of any kind of communication gap while studying in Canada. And hence, I decided to study in Canada. 

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To further pursue my studies in Canada I found WCC the best study option to me: it is counted among one of the best designated private learning institutions in British Columbia, well known for its peak graduate employment rates offering education in fields of healthcare, business management, accounting & IT. WCC is quite an affordable option for an international student to study in Canada because of lower tuition fee costs & flexible tuition fee payment options for international students. Not only is this but scholarships are offered to the international students by WCC for making them comfortable with their study-related expenses. Via regular monitoring of student learning outcomes & revision sessions, brilliant academic support is offered at WCC. Furthermore at WCC, to make students aware of the industrial selection procedures, guidance regarding resume writings & interviews is offered. Also, diploma in business management course at Western community College is the best study option for me to acquire a complete understanding regarding marketing & management principles, entrepreneurship, business communications, business economics, HR management, Financial Management, business laws, financial accounting & use of computer applications for business management & accounting.   

Once I will complete my studies at WCC I will apply for post-study work permit that would allow me to work in Canada for a limited time period. And just after completion of my work permit, I will most probably return back to India. Indian business market has emerged as one of the fastest-growing business markets in the world; a number of new business entities are entering the Indian business market. As a result of which a large number of working positions have been produced for business professionals. And so, I am fully confident about a rewarding career ahead in India by having respective academic credential from WCC along with a decent working profile in Canada in field of my studies. Employers including; Reliance Industries Limited, Amazon,

Tata Motors, Infosys, TCS, KMPG & Tech Mahindra etc. would be at the top of my priority list for seeking future employment in India on my return.  And once I have adequate of working experience in the business field I will start my own business firm, most probably an e-commerce firm (e-commerce industry has a bright future in India). 

In last I request you to kindly grant me Canada study permit so that I could complete my studies at WCC and return back to my home country with valuable assets for a bright future. 



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