Must Check Samples of Statement of Purpose for MBA

Providing an SOP is a very basic requirement along with other documents for admission to an MBA program at an abroad university or institution. But, are you confused about how to write SOP for MBA program? Go through these below provided samples to solve this puzzle to you.                  


1. Sample SOP for MBA in Canada

Giving a brief introduction about myself, I am xxxxx resident of xxxxx. My date of birth is xxxxx & I am a single having xxxxx citizenship by birth. My passport no. is xxxxx Currently I am living in a nuclear family of xxxxx members; My father: Mr. xxxxx My mother-Mrs. xxxxx & myself. Describing my academic qualification, I completed my secondary school examination from xxxxxx in year 20xx with xxxx GPA. After this I completed senior secondary school examination in year 20xx with xxxxx  GPA from xxxxx followed by Bachelor of Commerce degree in year 20xx from xxxxx with xxxxx Division. I appeared for IELTS Academic exam on xxxxxx and got an overall band score of xxxxx (Listening::xx, Reading::xx, Speaking::xx and Writing::xx). After completing my bachelor's degree I started working at an organization named xxxxx from xxxxx (starting date) & currently employed at the same as an "Senior Marketing Executive" from last 2 years.

But now on seeing the rising trends in demand of MBA graduates among top business organizations in India which are offering more productive working opportunities, I concluded that to get maximum of my future career perspectives, an MBA degree can help me a lot. So I started looking for study options to pursue an MBA program. For acquiring an MBA credential I preferred to study in abroad & that too in Canada. There are certain reasons which drive me to get my further education particularly in Canada as explained here; firstly getting an MBA degree from India is beneficial, only if it is from a top tier institution i.e. IIMs, IBS or IMI Delhi etc. Reputed Indian MNCs mostly recruit candidates from these institutions. But however getting admitted at these is not an easy task because of very few seats available in said course at these & that too are distributed on the basis of community/state based reservations. Even better grades in previous qualifying exam can’t help you a lot for getting admitted at these. Not only is this, but having an international credential can be an added advantage while seeking employment at reputed Indian MNCs as candidates with International qualifications have much better acceptance rates.

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After this, while researching for a best suitable study abroad destination I found that in English Speaking world, Canada is quite a best option to go for an MBA degree. Qualifications from Canadian institutions bear an equal acceptance/recognition as that of institutions in USA, UK & Australia but offered at quite an affordable costs. Considering the safety of International students, Canada is a more safer destination for international students (it is among the top 10 safest countries in the world). Canada houses some of the best student cities in the world but in mean while living in Canadian cities is bit more affordable than living in major cities in USA, UK or Australia. International students are offered with a number of scholarships/bursaries/awards in Canada to help them achieving their dream of getting education in abroad. Students are also allowed to work part time (on campus or off campus) in Canada to easily manage their living expense. Giving a detailed thought to these facts I found that Canada is the most suitable destination for pursuing my further studies in abroad.

While researching for an MBA option in Canada I noticed a number of appealing factors about University Canada West (UCW) which drive my focus towards it as mentioned here:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offered by UCW is accredited by ACBSP, a global business education accrediting body
  • Academic faculty comprised of highly knowledgeable educators with extensive industry experiences
  • Digital components are added to the MBA program to make it more relevant according to technological trends introduced in the field of business management/administration
  • Work experience units are integrated with the course to offer an opportunity for acquiring detailed industrial exposure as well
  • Cost of MBA program at UCW is among most affordable in Canada
  • One of the best Graduate Employability Rates in 2020 (100% Graduate Employment within 6 months according to a survey conducted by Academica Group)
  • A number of scholarships/awards are available for international students getting admitted to MBA program at UCW i.e. Scholarship for Academic Excellence, America Tuition or MBA Foundation Study Grant etc. 
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Apart from these above facts, MBA program offered at UCW is perfectly designed for providing detailed understanding & skills to perform well in key areas associated with the domain of business management; strategic management, business operations management, proposing well informed competitive marketing strategies, systematic analysis of business issues & formulating solutions to these and leadership for successful completion of a business project etc. So, with an MBA degree from UCW, I would be fully capable of taking challenges while working in modern business environments. 

On completion of my studies at UCW I would preferably return to my native country. Pursuing my further career in India would be more appealing to me as India is among one of the most favorable market places for business management professionals due to rapidly increasing demand of MBA graduates and business management/administration professions being one of the well paid professions in India. Also, I could take benefit of my professional network built during my working profile in India to easily get absorbed in industry. With MBA degree I can seek either of these working designations; Marketing Supervisor, Business Analyst, Management Consultant, Business Operations Coordinator or Business Advisor etc. On returning back to India I will make efforts to find employment at these reputed Indian firms; Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Motors, Reliance Industries Limited or Aditya Birla Group etc In starting I can expect a salary package ranging from INR 08 to 10 Lakhs on annual basis that would be revised to better values with hiking experience.     

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2. Sample SOP for MBA in UK

To support my admission application for MBA program at Coventry University, I am writing down this Statement of Purpose to explain my further study plans in UK & future career aspirations.

I am xxxxx resident of xxxxx India, having an Indian Passport with number xxxxx Starting from my school level education to my Bachelor of Commerce degree I did well in both; scored 1st division. I also appeared for IELTS Academic exam on xxxxx & score an overall band score of xxxxx. On completion of my bachelor degree I started working at "xxxxx" starting from "xxxxx" and currently employed at the same organization as an "accounts executive"But now I felt that with my current academic qualification I would not be able to seek better career possibilities in future. So I started researching for my further study options & noticed that acquiring an MBA degree can be a most promising resource for a best career outcome.

During my research I noticed that demand for MBA graduates never goes out of fashion and they are offered with best in industry starting salaries. So, after finding MBA study program a most suitable option to me for my future studies I started researching about some top tier institution, where I will be offered with a world class education. No doubt that India houses some of the finest institutions i.e. IIMs to acquire an MBA credential but however it is more appealing to go with an abroad study option as it would offer a critically more challenging course curriculum in accordance to global business environments that could enable me to acquire exceptional knowledge/skills to work in domain of business management. Apart from this to get exposure of world class innovative working strategies & methodologies, an abroad MBA credential is much more appealing than an MBA degree from an Indian Institution. 

On making the decision for pursuing further studies in abroad I started looking for some suitable study abroad option. On making a detailed research about various institutions in USA, UK, Canada & Australia offering MBA programs I noticed that MBA from UK & that too from Coventry University is the best suitable option to me. UK is second most favorable destinations in English speaking world after USA to acquire an international degree. Course duration for MBA degrees at UK's Institutions are also lower than normal duration (1 year instead of 2 years). Except a few universities, tuition fee for MBA degree at a number of other universities in UK are well in reach of an international student. UK's academic credentials are globally recognized. UK is also offering post-study work visa options to help acquiring an extensive international experience along with a worldwide recognized credential. So, assessing these facts I noticed that it is best suitable option to me to go with an UK's institution for MBA degree. 

While exploring study options in UK I noticed that among various institutions offering MBA programs, Coventry university is quite appealing to me in light of these facts; firstly it is ranked well in world university rankings i.e. among top 250 worldwide in Young University Rankings 2020. Coventry Business School is recently rated “Excellent” by Eduniversal; a ranking for business schools in over 150 countries. Teaching Excellence Framework has awarded it with a Gold rating (assuring the availability of one of the best learning environments). It has also been awarded as University of the Year for Student Experience (The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019). MBA program offered at Coventry University is among the best affordable MBA course options in UK. Furthermore, MBA study program offered at Coventry University is perfectly designed to provide adequate of working knowledge/understanding in areas of business management, strategic management, business model & process, financial analysis & project management etc. So, analyzing all these facts I finally decide to get my MBA degree in UK from Coventry University. 

On completion of my studies in UK I might work temporarily in UK to gain adequate of international working experience, so that on returning back to my home country (India), I have a strong processional profile for presenting to reputed Indian employers. In India I will try to find a well paid working opportunity at either of these top organizations; Hero MotoCorp, Mahindra & Mahindra, Infosys or ITC Limited etc. In starting I can expect a salary of around 08-10 Lakhs per annum with a great possibility to get decent hike on it with increasing experience.  

3. Sample SOP for MBA in US

For giving a competitive edge to my professional profile & attaining advanced skills & knowledge in domain of business management, I decided to further study an MBA program in abroad.

I am xxxxx resident of xxxxx, having an xxxxx Passport with number xxxxx. Giving a brief description of my previous studies I studied maths, physics & chemistry as major subjects at bachelor’s (B.Sc.) degree and performed well in same, scored 1st division. On completion of my bachelor’s I started working at xxxxxx (organization name) as a “Quality Check Officer” from xxxxxxx (joining date) & currently employed at the same as “Senior Quality Check Officer”. Here I am responsible to handle the overall operational work of Quality Check Department to ensure the timely production of xxxxx (product name) without compromising the quality of products. While working at this organization I acquired a deep understanding of making the things to get fit into a perfect working model to get desired results.

But, now after realizing the fact that to avail more productive career opportunities in future I would be required a sound academic profile along with extensive working experience. So, giving a detailed thought to this fact I started researching about my further study options and found that instead of pursuing traditional masters in science degree, pursuing an MBA degree can provide a better surety of a secure future, as demand of MBA graduates never fades up with time and also working options for an MBA graduates are not limited to a particular industry, with an MBA I can work across diverse industries. For my further education I preferred to study in abroad to get maximum of my further studies. 

I preferably decided to study in USA. US education system is ranked at the top for providing world class education to international students. There are a number of globally known business schools present in USA which have proven track records of producing world famous business leaders & entrepreneurs. Also, academic credentials from USA are among the most recognized credentials all around the world, providing an exceptional tool to seek working opportunities all across the globe & feel the freedom of thinking about most promising career options in the future. Furthermore MBA graduates from reputed US business Schools are offered with best in industry starting salaries as compared to graduates from other well known business schools around the world. 

While exploring my study options in USA for an MBA degree I found Booth School of Business (University of Chicago), an appealing options for my further studies. I found that University of Chicago is among well ranked university in USA, # 7th (Times Higher Education rankings 2020) & MBA program offered by Booth School of Business is ranked among top 10 MBA programs in USA (Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2020 and QS Global MBA rankings 2020 etc.). Booth's MBA is of 21 months duration Instead of full 2 years and also, somehow cost effective than other top business schools in USA

Booth's MBA can help to develop a quality of self experimentation for finding innovative solutions to organizational issues & thus enabling an individual to be continuous learner & confident enough to take working challenges. Experiential learning is a key component of all the programs offered during MBA degree at Booth that would help to identify inside potential & transform these into exceptional leadership qualities. Booth's MBA is designed to develop deep understanding & working knowledge regarding various essential areas required to perform well domain of business management i.e. financial analysis & accounting, microeconomics, business statistics and entrepreneurship etc.  

On completion of my studies in USA I would preferably return to my home country that houses a number of globally known well established business organizations to work at i.e. Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra Group, Tata Steel or Reliance Industries Limited etc. At these organizations, I can draw a starting salary of about INR 10-12 lakhs per annum and hope to receive a decent hike in salary with increasing experience. 

So, I request you to consider my candidacy for MBA program at Booth School of Business and provide me an opportunity to transform my abilities into resources for seeking one of the best career options in future. 

Hope these MBA sop samples can make you understand the way of writing a unique statement of purpose and help you write a one for your own visa application or admission application to a top tier institution in abroad countries. 

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