Is Really One Could Get Canada Student Visa after Refusal? Of course, Yes

Canada is a dream destination for a vast count of international students. It not only provides a chance to get world-class education but a lot more than that, a strong will to carve a better future. Canada houses a number of world-class universities i.e. University of Toronto, University of Ottawa and McGill University etc. & a huge number of international students make their efforts to get admitted at these top-class universities. Sometimes, they got disappointed with their dreams of studying in Canada on getting refusal for their Canada Study Permit Application in the first attempt.

canada student visa rejected apply again
How to reapply for Canada Student Visa After Refusal

After this, it is obvious that this question comes to their mind, what I can do now or whether it is possible that I can get Canada Study Permit now on applying again. To answer their doubt, Yes, it is possible to get Canada Study Permit even after getting Refusal in the first attempt. Now it comes again, how can I get the Canada Study Permit on applying again?

The answer is here, you have to follow these simple steps:

Firstly, go through your refusal letter precisely & try to understand the reasons for refusal. But however, it is not possible to clearly understand the key factors/grounds on which a study permit application is refused. So, to know these factors, you can apply for CAIPS notes. CAIPS notes will provide you the detailed overview of the reasons behind getting refusal for study permit application.

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After knowing the key reasons for the refusal, now this time try to present a better profile for your Canada Study Permit application 

Secondly, remember to give a better presentation of the facts this time in your SOP (Statement of Purpose) regarding your future study plans in Canada i.e. give sound reasons for choosing Canada to pursue further studies & not your home country or any other nation, strong reasons why you choose Canada and also, explain your future career plans in the SOP thoroughly i.e. try to explain that there would be a strong job market available in your home country in the field of your study in coming future, mention some reputed firm in your nation where you will try to find employment, mention some working positions at which you can work after completing your study in Canada & try to give an overview of your salary expectation after completing this course; try to mention a realistic salary package according to the job market of your home country. Try to mention the personal ties to your home country as well in the SOP i.e family, financial assets (Fixed Deposit/Savings Account), job offer, Land or plans of marriage in home country after completing studies. 

Hope this entire can do a magic for you & help you to realize your dream for studying in Canada.

(Note; never include any extra/false facts/information with your study permit application, that may lead to a ban of 5 years on your entry to Canada)  

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