Perfect Guide to Write a Great SOP for Canada Student Visa

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How to write SOP for Canada Student Visa 

Studying in Canada is a dream for every student who thinks of carving a better future by studying abroad. Canada is among the top nations, known to offer world class education to international students. Each year a huge count of international students apply for Canada Student Visa to study at a reputed institution/college/university in Canada. But sometimes, their dream got shattered on getting a visa refusal on the basis of purpose of visit. This reason can directly be related to the SOP (Statement of Purpose) provided with the student visa application. Considering this fact, SOP can be regarded as a key document for Canada Student Visa application. 

For writing a unique & appealing SOP, one must have an understanding of the facts/information which must be conveyed through the SOP. So, it is advised to put as much time as one could, to explore ideas & information for creating a master piece SOP for his/her Canada Student Visa application. Not only is this, to just gather information & facts, but more important than that is the perfect placements of these in SOP. There are some key points on which one must emphasize while writing the SOP. To make you understand these key points, this article would be a great help to you. You can divide your SOP in different sections and work on it as described below: 

(Introductory Part of the SOP)

  • In the first section,  you have to write down your personal details (name, date of birth, residential address, & passport number), academic details (all your academic credentials; 10th/12th/bachelor/masters, institutions from which you complete these credentials along with the board/university of education & percentage of marks or GPA for your credentials), family details (parents & siblings names along with their occupations) & employment details (current employer, working designation and job responsibilities (also mention previous working designation & previous employer name, if applicable ) 

(Main Body of the SOP) 

  • In the second section, it is much crucial to write your direct motivation for the further study i.e. for what reasons you decided to go for higher studies. Also, if you have chosen a field of study that is not related to either your academic background or employment history, it is must for you to give a strong explanation for this change in field of study. For example, you studied Bachelor of Science degree & now you want to pursue postgraduate diploma in project management, then you have to give a convincing explanation for this change in field of study from science background to project management. 

  • In the third section, you must describe the strong points for not choosing your home country for higher studies i.e. how it could be more beneficial for you to pursue your higher education in abroad & not in your home country. Also, giving a strong explanation for choosing Canada over other abroad destinations is really crucial in SOP, it must be discussed in an effective manner (explore some reasons which makes studying in Canada better than other abroad nations).
  • In the fourth section, describe, how much you know about your chosen institution/university/college at which you are going to study in Canada? i.e. try to explain in brief about the history, accolades, location of the campus (for example, if the campus of an institution is in Toronto, then what's so interesting to study in Toronto?) & services provided to the students etc. 
  • In the fifth Section, Give explanation for what kind of special skills/knowledge you would acquire through your chosen course. Also, describe briefly about the course contents. (try to describe in your words, don't copy the exact content from college/university's website) 

(Conclusive Part of the SOP)

  • In the sixth section, explain your future career plans after completing your chosen course in Canada. In this section, one must describe his/her future career plans in their home country. Make efforts to explain that there would be an immense growth in the field of your study in your home country in the coming years. This Growth would trigger the creation of a better job market in that area in your home country (this is somehow giving a clear indication that you have planned your study in relation to the job market of your home country & you would return to your home country after completing your studies in Canada). Now next is to mention some of the reputed organizations available in your home country where you will try to find employment after completing your studies in Canada & also, state some working designation you are looking for after completing your chosen course along with an outlook of your salary expectations (state a realistic salary package according the job market of your home country, for this you can research through online resources for the same)
  • In the last section, give strong ties to your home country which further assures your return to the home country after completing your studies in Canada.

Working on all these points/areas can help you to create an exceptional piece of SOP that could make your dream comes true; studying abroad in Canada.  

For guidance regarding SOP writing, you can contact via:

(Note: try not to copy material available on Internet & create your own unique content that is appealing to the Visa Officer)

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  1. Hello, thank you for this guide. I just would like to clarify if this article is intended for CANADA VISA and not in university essay?

    Thank you.

  2. Is it necessary to provide sop with visa application or we can just apply without it

    1. You must provide SOP with visa application. Irrespective of other factors, it is one of the most important determinant for visa approval


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