An Excellent Statement of Purpose for Masters in Public Health

statement-of-purpose-for-masters-in-public-health, statement-of-purpose-for-public-health-masters

Statement of Purpose for Public Health - MSc Public Health (University of Southampton)

I belong to a family that has traditional beliefs of treating every living being/nature with respect and care. And starting from our childhood we are taught that serving humanity can bring way more happiness to an individual than by any other means. And keeping this ideology in my mind I did my bachelor's in nursing from XXXX college (completed in year 20XX with XX.XX % of marks). Completing my bachelor's, I started my professional journey as a nurse in the year 20XX by joining a local clinic in our neighboring village. My working tenure at the clinic helped me in developing a deep compassion for serving people with love/respect.

And now, as my future plans, I have made the decision to work for the betterment of as many lives as I can. For it, I necessarily require a deep understanding of principle factors that affect people's health/well-being. And so, pursuing a master's in public health degree course would let me get a professional edge in my thinking to better understand how social, environmental, physical cultural, or economic factors affect people's lives.   

For studying in the field of public health, instead of India going to one of the leading developed countries is a way better option; public health infrastructure in developed countries is well established and is worldwide recognized for its excellence and thus, studying at an institution in a developed country will let the students gain expertise for world-class methods/techniques for development & implementation of public health program, public health assessment and public health policy creation. Also, studying in abroad will help to gain an understanding of the latest technologies/software used in independent public health research. So, achieving all this expertise in the field of public health domain will surely help me to contribute significantly toward the improvement of public health infrastructure in my country. 

And among the developed countries I realized that studying in the field of public health in the UK is the most favorable option for international students; UK is one of the leading developed countries, known for its excellence in the public health sector, and also while researching about costs of studying a master's degree course option in public health I found that institutions in the UK are among one of the most affordable options; durations of the courses at UK institutions being shorter than usual, a significantly lower amount of money would be needed to complete the studies. Apart from these facts, post-study work visa opportunities after completing studies at an institution in the UK would help in gaining considerable professional working experience in the concerned field.  

MSc Public Health course available at the University of Southampton seems to be a perfect study option to me for my master's studies in public health: as it is a member of Russell Group universities, so is one of the leading research-intensive academic institutions in the UK known globally for their research excellence and world-class higher education. Faculty members (Dr. Penelope Nestel etc.) who are going to teach MSc Public health modules are highly experienced and are having large research portfolios in fields directly related to public health. Also, this course is accredited by the International Union for Health Promotion and Education; a global professional non-governmental organization committed to human wellbeing through education and development of public health policies. And so, this course is going to be a perfect option for studying in the domain of public health, in the relevance of global public health scenarios. Also, Work-related project or research project offered as a part of the course will help me to actually realize my working potential in the field of public health. 

After completing my studies at the University of Southampton, working with an organization in the UK in the public health domain would be an opportunity to greatly enhance my practical working competency in the field. And so, to extend my stay in the UK for additional 1-2 years, I will make post-study work visa application for UK. But as I am pretty much concerned about bringing a change in the Indian public health system, before my post-study work visa got expired I will make arrangements for getting back to India and serving my country with the skills/knowledge/professional expertise I would gain during my stay in the UK. Various Indian employers, both in the public and private sector offer lucrative career opportunities to public health professionals (public health research officer, public health policy advisor, public health educator or epidemiologist etc.) including Apollo Hospitals, Center for Public Impact, UNICEF India, PHFI, CHAI India etc. As a public health professional, initially, I would be offered salaries in the range of INR 45,000 to 60,000 per month and gaining professional expertise in the public health domain will let me have considerable growth in salary i.e. with an experience of 4-6 years in the public health domain, salaries can go up to the mark of INR 80,000 to 95,000 per month. 

So, I wish that the admission committee will consider my intentions and offer me an opportunity to pursue MSc Public Health course at the University of Southampton. 

(XXXX - Name of the Student)

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