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Statement of Purpose Example for MBA - University of Exter (UK)

I started my professional career journey with great enthusiasm in the year 20XX, just after completing my undergraduate studies (B.Tech. degree from XXXX college). But to grab better options for career growth I realized that the integration of an MBA degree with my professional expertise in the field of electrical engineering would be a perfect combination; experienced engineers with management degrees are highly demanded by the reputed Indian employers and are presented with a lot of other professional benefits as well i.e. can be designated at mid-level management positions etc.  

To get competently skilled in the field of business management, I realized that getting an MBA from abroad would be a better option; at business schools in abroad, hardly any traditional methods of teaching or learning are used; students are trained practically via case studies, internships, industry projects, and business simulations, and are equipped with self-driven research skills that would enable them to find innovative solutions to modern business issues. 

It is a widely accepted fact that for pursuing an MBA degree course, no other option can replace USA and UK; a majority of world's best business schools are housed at these destinations.  But the difference that made UK somehow more compatible for international students than the USA is that it requires comparatively lower funding for studying an MBA degree course at reputed business schools in the UK while at prestigious business schools in the USA, arranging a hefty amount of finance remains a headache for international students. 

Among numerous study options available in the UK for studying an MBA degree course I go with the University of Bath School of Management: it is one of the leading business schools in the UK; accredited by two of world's most prestigious professional bodies recognizing excellence in the field of business education i.e. AMBA and EQUIS and so, is one of the best options for pursuing an MBA degree course in the UK. It offers an opportunity to get taught by leading industry experts. Unlike, other prestigious business schools in the UK, a valid GMAT exam score is not a mandatory requirement for admission at the University of Bath for MBA degree course. Flexibility to choose from a range of electives enables students to get in-depth expertise in the business area that suits well with their career goals. MBA degree course offered at Bath is offering a multi-project suite i.e. students would take up four projects instead of one and would have an opportunity to get practical hands-on experience in more than one area of business. Scholarship and bursary options available for international students studying in full-time MBA programs offer great financial support to them for managing their finance. 

As my career goal is to join a top Indian employer for pursuing my professional career journey, along with Exter's MBA, acquiring international working experience with an employer in the UK can be a game-changer for me. So, after completing Exter's MBA I will aim to get post-study work visa that would let me work in the UK for a duration of 1-2 years and afterward, getting back to India is my only priority. And in India, I will strive to get employed with these well-renowned Indian employers i.e. Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd, Orient Electric Ltd, CG Power & Industrial Solutions and Bajaj Electronics etc. as a business administrator, business development officer or business process analyst ettc. and can easily get a salary package ranging from INR 70,000 to 95,000 monthly. And in the later stages of my professional career with these employers, monthly salaries can reach a level of INR 1,10,000 to 1,50,000. And hence, getting MBA from Exter would prepare me for a better career journey. So, I humbly request the admission committee for offering me a place in Exter's MBA program. 

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