Find Out; Is SOP Required for Canada Student Visa?


Before getting into a deeper discussion regarding the importance of SOP for Canada study visa, remember that a Canada study permit application is approved only to make an individual enable of pursuing his/her studies in Canada for a specified duration. It can't be used to get PR or TR or work permit for Canada.  

Is SOP mandatory for Canada Visa? this question hits the minds of international students who are planning/preparing to apply for Canada study permit or so-called Canada student visa. Just like all other documents i.e. validated IMM1294 form, certified copies of academics, certified copies of passport's front and back page, medical receipt, a certified copy of IELTS or PTE or any other English language score report, digital photograph, family information form, a certified copy of the birth certificate (in case candidate is below 18 years), it is really very much crucial to provide an SOP with Canada study permit application. In both cases, whether you are applying for Canada study permit under SDS or Non-SDS category, SOP plays a really important part in determining the outcome of the Canada study permit application.

In most of the cases without an SOP, Canada study permit application is refused by the visa officer. So, it is highly recommended to provide an SOP with your Canada student visa application irrespective of the factor whether you are applying under SDS or Non-SDS category. 

It is really crucial for you to provide the following information to the visa officer via SOP so that he/she could get satisfied with your genuine intentions of studying in Canada and approve your Canada study permit application:

  • Your sole motivation for deciding to study further 
  • Reasons that motivated you to go with Canada over other countries (including your home country) for your higher studies
  • Factors that aligned your attention for studying at a particular institution in Canada 
  • How the course which you have chosen to study in Canada would help you with your future career/professional plans
  • Details regarding your financial sponsors i.e. who is going to provide you financial assistance for your studies in Canada 
  • Factors that indicate that you are going to return back to your home country after completing your studies in Canada 
(Really Important: never put dual intentions in the SOP i.e. you must not write about PR or TR in the SOP and just focus on describing your study/career plans in the SOP. Remember to explain your career plans in relation to your home country i.e. describe why your home country is more favorable to you for your future employment. Also, remember to keep the word limit of the SOP for the Canada study permit between 800-1200 words)

Is sop important for Canada study visa?

Always keep in mind, while applying for Canada study permit, providing an SOP with Canada study permit application is really very important. Now let's discuss why SOP is so important while making an application for Canada study permit. SOP describes in detail, your future study/career plans to the visa officer so that he could get satisfied with the fact that there are some genuine reasons which made you to pursue your studies in Canada and you are looking forward to find employment in your home country after completing your studies in Canada. 

Where to upload sop for Canada student visa?

While submitting the Canada study permit application, usually candidates remain in doubt about where to upload their SOP. Once you are done with uploading all other mandatory documents for Canada student visa application in your GC Key account, you can proceed as follows to add your SOP with your visa applications: 

  • First, attach your SOP below your academic (including your IELTS Academic or any other English language score report) and professional experience-related documents (if any) in a PDF 
  • Now, upload this PDF by clicking the client information tab that appears under the title of optional documents on opening the interface of your GC Key account for making the Canada study permit application.

(Note: this information is applicable to the new interface provided by IRCC for making an application for Canada study permit)

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