Sample SOP for Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Best Sample SOP for Supply Chain and Logistics Management 

Rapid expansion of the e-commerce industry in the country (India) has led to drive the growth of job market for supply chain and logistics management professionals; in order to meet an optimum level of customer satisfaction, timely delivery of goods and services is one of the most important factors for e-commerce platforms. But for timely delivery of goods, an efficient supply chain network would be essentially needed, and in order to manage that network, skilled supply chain and logistics management professionals would be required by the e-commerce industries. Looking at the recent and future trends for the expansion of the e-commerce industry in India it is very well understood that in the coming years, a heaven of working options would be produced for supply chain and logistics professionals. So, by having working capacities in the field of supply chain and logistics management, I can think of a promising career ahead in India. And hence, I made the decision of pursuing my further education in the field of supply chain and logistics management. 

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SOP Sample for Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Briefly explaining my personal details, I am XXXX resident of XXXX (India). I was born on XXXX  Currently, I am living in a nuclear family of …… members; My mother-Mrs. ………… & myself, all are permanent residents of the above-said address. Briefly explaining my academic background, I cleared my secondary school examination from XXXX (mention board of education) in year XXXX with XX.XX percentage of marks. After this, I cleared senior secondary school examination in year XXXX from XXXX (mention board of education) with having English Core, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics as major subjects with XX.XX percentage of marks. Also, I scored an overall band score of 7.5 in the IELTS Academic exam (Listening::8.0, Reading::7.5, Speaking::6.0 and Writing::6.0).

Why not study in India?

Considering the study options available in India for pursuing bachelor degree course options in the field of supply chain and logistics management I preferably decided to study abroad instead of India: firstly, it would be highly competitive securing a place in top-ranked institutions in India offering bachelor degree course options in the field of supply chain and logistics management; at Indian institutions, single intake is offered for admission but students trying to get admitted are vast in numbers and hence, admission cut-offs percentages go beyond a normal range i.e. above 90 %. Theory-oriented study approach at Indian institutions can help to get a degree credential with an excellent academic record but can't make an individual enter the real-world workplace with industry-relevant practical working knowledge. Hardly any real-world case study or scenario is discussed during the course that could let the students to get aware of actual complexities associated with the particular field of the study.  

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Why study in Australia?

For my higher studies in abroad, I decided to study in Australia over USA, UK or Canada: Australia is counted as one of the best destinations in the world for higher studies; it houses some of the world's finest academic institutions i.e. University of Sydney, University of Melbourne or Monash University etc. Australia is house to one of the biggest intentional students communities and it is very well known for its multicultural diversity as well as welcoming nature to international students. Modern infrastructure & technologically advanced resources are offered at Australian Universities for education/research. Costs of study at Australian institutions are somehow affordable than institutions in USA or UK. Australia is comprised of some of the world's most livable cities (i.e. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth etc); offering world-class living standards. Australia is ranked better for the personal safety of international students than USA & UK. Availability of scholarships & bursaries to International students expresses financially supporting aspect of the Australian Government as well as Universities towards the education of international students.

Why study at UniSA?

I preferred to study at UniSA in Australia on knowing the following information: taking about its reputation, it is ranked among world's top-ranked academic institutions, known globally for their academic as well as research excellence; ranked among top 350 universities worldwide - THE World University Rankings 2021. Also, as a consequence of its best quality education, UniSA is ranked number 1st in Australia by THE University Impact Rankings 2019. Unlike other academic institutions in Australia offering bachelor's degree course options in the field of supply chain and logistics management, tuition fee costs at UniSA are lower. UniSA's city campus is situated in Adelaide; one of the best student cities in Australia as it is counted among Australia's most livable cities along with the fact that housing options in Adelaide are way more cheaper than other major Australian cities. Also, UniSA offers a number of scholarships & bursaries to international students as well.  

Why Bachelor of business (logistics & supply chain management) course at UniSA?

While my research for a suitable study option that could provide me adequate of understanding/knowledge & working skills in domain of logistics & supply chain management I found the respective qualification at UniSA one of the best study options for me; curriculum of respective study program is well informed by world-class research in business-2018 Excellence in Research for Australia. Describing the details of respective qualification, it is of 3 years duration & explaining the crucial aspects associated with logistics & supply chain management in detail; warehousing, inventory management, procurement, transport & distribution & integrated supply chain management & international business ethics through the following units:

  • 1st semester-accounting for business, marketing principles-trading & exchange
  • 2nd semester-principles of logistics & supply chain management, business intelligence
  • 3rd semester-operations management for business, entrepreneurship for market impact, managing services
  • 4th semester- project management; principles & strategies and management & organization 5th semester-international business environments, integrated supply networks, procurement for strategic advantage, managing sustainability in supply chain
  • 6th semester- international management ethics & strategic management

Not only the theoretical knowledge but to acquire a piece of detailed practical knowledge in areas of study, business internship opportunities (45 days/30 days) are integrated with the course.   

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Future Plans: 

Australia offers an option to get international working exposure in the field of study by offering an opportunity of staying back in Australia for a limited time period on a Post-Study Work Visa. So, just after completion of my studies at UniSA I can apply for Post-Study Work Visa. However, my priority would be returning back to my native country (India). In India, I would have options to get employed with some of the best employers including FSC Company India, Allcargo Logistics Limited, Amazon, Global Express Logistics, Eastern Supply Chain & Logistics Pvt. Limited, Accenture Solutions Private Limited, Alfa Supply Chain Solutions Pvt. Ltd & ProConnect Supply Chain Solutions Limited etc. Also, for supply chain and logistics job roles (Supply Chain Executive, Inventory Management Executive, Logistics Analyst, Warehouse Coordinator & SCM Operations Executive), Initially, I can get an annual average salary of around INR 04-06 lakhs. Researching about the salary trends for the job roles in the field of supply chain and logistics management I noticed that just having experience ranging in between 04-06 in the respective working domain, annual salary packages of INR 08-10 lakhs can be expected. 

So, I humbly request you to grant me an Australian student visa to pursue above-mentioned course at UniSA and enable me to fulfill my career aspirations in the field of supply chain and logistics management. 



(Note: you are advised to include your financial sponsor's details and Australian student visa conditions in the SOP)

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