SOP for Masters (MS): A Comprehensive Guide

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SOP for Masters

Importance of SOP for Masters

Just like all other documents needed to apply for admission at an abroad institution or making a visa application for countries like USA, Australia, Canada or Germany, etc, a statement of purpose or so-called SOP is one of the most important documents that has to be submitted with admission or visa application. An SOP is considered as one of the most important determinants for outcome of admission or visa application. It provides all the necessary information to the admission committee or embassy officer whether you are eligible of granting admission to the specific course or visa for studying at a particular abroad destination. So, while drafting this document you must be very careful.

The general format of an SOP remains the same; it covers your plans for studying at an abroad institution along with the career plans which you have in your mind after completing your education. However, the word limit for SOP varies depending upon the destination at which you have made plans to study i.e. word limit for SOP for an institution in USA, UK or Canada lies in between 800-1000 words, but for Australia, it may range in between 1500-2000 words. 

General Format for SOP for Masters:

  • In the very starting part of your SOP, you may provide an explanation for your sole interest in the field of study in which you going to pursue your master's degree.
  • Just following it you have to provide details regarding your academic background along with other achievements you acquired during your school or college level studies.  
  • After this, you have to explain the reasons for not studying in your own country 
  • Now, it comes to the part where you have to explain the reasons for making the decision of studying at a particular abroad destination over other options available to you
  • After this, mention some genuine reasons for studying at an institution of your choice over other options available to you at that particular study destination 
  • Now try to include all the necessary details about your chosen course i.e. what appeals to you to study a particular course at your chosen institution 
  • In the last part of the SOP, you have to be very careful while describing your future plans on completion of your studies
  • You may include your financial sponsor's details in the SOP (most preferably in the case of Australia student visa SOP) who are going to support you financially while your studies abroad. 

SOP Sample for Masters (MS):

Introducing myself, I am XXXX resident of XXXX (India). My date of birth is XX/XX/XXXX. I did well in my level twelfth examination; secured 1st division -76.85% marks. Following it I passed Bachelor of Commerce degree (3 years duration) course's final year examination with first division. Also, I scored an overall band score of 6.5 with no individual score less than 6.0 in IELTS Academic examination.

Why I decided not to study in India?

On exploring my further study options to gain professional expertise in accounting and its business allied areas I noticed that the best suitable option available in India for the same is master of commerce degree. So I started exploring in detail about the said course. During my research, I found a number of institutions offering said course in India including Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Presidency College-Bangalore, Ramjas College etc. But on knowing the following information I made the decision of studying further in abroad: said degree credential being a traditional course, it is getting out fashioned; employers preferred to have candidates with professional accounting credentials. Also, the above-specified course is not a perfect option to get industry-relevant skills/knowledge as generally in India course curriculums are not updated in time according to the latest industry trends. 

Why I decided to study further in Australia instead of any other country?

After exploring all the possible options (USA, UK and Australia etc.) available to me for studying abroad I decided to study further in Australia: Australia is one of the best study abroad destinations, comprised of some of the world's top-ranked academic institutions. Qualifications acquired from Australian institutions are worldwide recognized by employers. Costs of study at Australia's top institutions are comparatively lower than institutions of high repute in the USA or UK. Australian cities are counted among the world’s most livable cities and in meanwhile, living in  Australian cities is considered to be one of the affordable options to live and study in abroad. Part-time working permissions are provided to international students while studying in Australia which further helps them to easily manage their living expenses. Also, international students are provided with financial help by Australian institutions as well. 

Why I decided to pursue my further studies at Queensland University of Technology (QUT)?

I made plans of studying further at QUT in Australia; ranked among world's top ranked academic institutions - 186th in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021. QUT offers an opportunity to experience most advanced technology and learning spaces while studying at its campuses. Courses offered by QUT are meant for student's success in professional life; provide updated knowledge in the field of study. For the courses similar to the one which I have chosen to study at QUT, tuition fee costs at other well-ranked institutions in Australia are considerably higher. To support financially, a variety of scholarships and bursaries are offered to the international students by QUT for making them comfortable with their study-related expenses. Also, Living in Brisbane offers an opportunity to experience world-class living standards at affordable prices. 

Why I decided to study master of business (professional accounting) course?

I decided to study master of business (professional accounting) course at QUT as I found that it is among the best study options to gain detailed working knowledge regarding auditing & assurance, taxation, financial management and management accounting etc; key working areas associated with the accounting field. Giving a brief description of respective course at QUT, it is comprised of these below-mentioned study units:

  • Year 1 Semester 1: business and corporation law, cost and management accounting, financial accounting processes and managerial finance
  • Year 1 Semester 2: corporate accounting, taxation law and practice, accounting information systems and analytics and economics & data analytics
  • Year 2 Semester 1: audit and assurance services and advanced financial accounting
  • Year 2 Semester 2: ethics and professional relationships and integrated issues in professional practice

My future career plans:

Just after the completion of my studies in Australia at QUT I will return back to India. Rise in demand for accounting professionals in India has made it one of the best options to pursue the future career in the accounting working field. Also, India houses a number of globally known employers operating in the same field including Deloitte India, BDO India, ASA & Associates, S.P. Chopra & Co, AJSH & Co. LLP and K.S. Aiyar & Co. etc. Hence, respective degree credential from QUT would prepare me to have a bright career in field of accounting in India by imparting me all the essential working expertise regarding accounting field. Researching about the starting salaries at these above-specified employers for accounting designations (accounting analyst, accounts executive or financial analyst etc.)  I found that in early stages of my professional career I can expect a monthly salary of INR 45,000-60,000. 

In last, I made a humble request to you for granting me Australian student visa to pursue my future studies at QUT and fulfill my desire of working with India's reputed employers in the accounting field. 

Warm Regards


(Note: In addition to these facts, mention Australian student visa conditions as well in the SOP. Also, provide as much documents with your visa application which can help you to satisfy the GTE criteria for Australian student visa approval)

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