Perfect Guide for SOP for Canada Student Visa After Refusal

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SOP for Canada Study Visa After Refusal

Getting a refusal for visa application is quite demotivating for an international student who has made so many plans regarding his/her education in abroad. Unlike most of the countries, Canada is comparatively lenient towards issuing study permits or so-called student visas even after refusing visa applications in the first attempts. As there could be so many reasons for the refusal i.e. financial incapacity, irrelevancy of your previous academic background with the course for which you are applying to get Canada study permit, poor academic profile i.e. you have a low percentage of marks in your previous academic qualification, poorly described future study/career plans in SOP or providing false information/documents with visa application etc. 

But if you have got refusal just because on the basis of purpose of visit, you have quite high chances to get Canada study permit by applying again with a fresh SOP, completely describing your study/career plans. Refusal on the basis of purpose of visit can be directly related to the SOP. In this article, we will learn about how to write a successful SOP (statement of purpose) for Canada study permit via the following SOP sample:

SOP Sample for Canada Student Visa After Refusal


The Visa Officer

Canada High Commission

New Delhi

Subject: Reconsideration of Canada study permit application 

Describing my personal details, I am XXXX, currently living at XXXX (India). Explaining my academic history, I completed my schooling with an excellent academic record i.e. XX.XX GPA in secondary school level examination (XXXX - mention year of completion) and XX.XX % of marks in senior school certificate examination. Also, I scored XX.XX % of marks in my bachelor degree course (Bachelor of Business Administration) - (XXXX - mention year of completion). Apart from it, I have an overall band score of 6.5 in the IELTS Academic exam. 

In order to continue my studies in the business field, I researched all the possibilities available to me and found that it would be quite in favor of having a promising career, pursuing my further studies in the area of project management;  project management jobs are considered as one of the most trending career options in business allied working domains accordance to India job market estimations. 

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For pursuing my education in the field of project management I decided to study in Canada instead of India, USA or UK: not meeting the eligibility criteria for admission (score in any of the national level management tests is a mandatory requirement) to the available course at Indian institutions in the field of project management was the major concern that brought the thought of pursuing my further education in abroad in my mind. After this, I explored all other possible options in abroad for my further studies and finally got agreed for pursuing my further studies in Canada: in a very similar way to USA, UK or New Zealand etc, Canada is considered one of the best options for pursuing higher studies in abroad. Canada is comprised of some of the world's top-ranked universities and institutions. The most compelling aspect of pursuing higher studies in Canada is that except for some universities or courses i.e. MBA, options available in Canada for pursuing higher studies are very well affordable to an international student. Most of the Indian students prefer to study in Canada as it is considered one of the safest destinations among international students to pursue higher studies. Also, while researching about Canada I found that during COVID - 19 pandemic, Canadian government put utmost effort to support international students emotionally and financially. 

I found Georgian College, the best option available to me in Canada for pursuing a course in field of project management; it is one of the most reputed academic institutions in Canada, providing education that help students to acquire exceptional working capabilities through its industry-aligned courses. It has partnered with more than 6000 employers around Canada and this network helps its students to get enough industrial working exposure during their study and get exposure of real-world industrial technologies and equipments. Exploring about Graduate certificate in project management course at Georgian College I realized that it would help me to acquire a skill set that would enable me to effectively manage ongoing projects among varied workplace settings and actively participate in the planning of future projects and hence, it would help me to fulfil my career dream of pursuing my future career in project management field. Apart from these facts, above mentioned course has a competitive edge over similar courses available in Canada because of its comparatively lower tuition fee costs. 

With said qualification from Georgian College, I would get fully prepared for pursuing my future career in field of project management. And for my future career, I would most preferably return back to India. India is counted among the nations, where there is a dearth of project management professionals and so, their demand in India is on the upside. Also, starting salaries for project management professionals are competitive in nature, ranging in between INR 40,000 to 60,000. So, graduate certificate in project management course would help me to get success in my professional life while pursuing my future career in the field of project management. In India, the following employers would be in my priority list to seek future career employment in the field of project management: Larsen & Toubro India, GE Power India Limited, Tata Consultancy Services or Tata Motors, etc.  

In response to my previous refusal that was based on the purpose of the visit, I have explained all the aspects related to my study plans in Canada so that it could genuinely support my intent of just studying in Canada and returning back to my home country on completing my studies at Georgian College. So, I humbly making a request to you to kindly issue me Canada study permit and allow me to get respective academic credential from Georgian College. 



(You can also include some ties to your home country in the SOP which further support the fact that you will return to your home country after completing your education in Canada)

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