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SOP Sample for MS in Data Science: Middlesex University - UK

In this modern era, data science has evolved as a catalyzing factor responsible to boost industrial growth by giving valuable insight of huge amount of data generated in the industries. Almost every industry whether it is healthcare, finance or aviation, around the globe, has started leveraging data science techniques/tools to enhance their business outcomes. With the rapid adoption of data science technologies among industries, a great demand for data science experts is emerging around the globe i.e. a really huge count of employment options are getting generated for data science experts. Also, keeping an eye on the average starting salaries offered to the data science experts, they are getting heavily paid. So, further pursuing a master's degree in data science can be a great resource to me for a rewarding career ahead in the future. 

Briefly describing my academic history, I completed my school level studies in year 20xx (matriculation exams in year 20xx, securing 1st division and senior secondary certificate exam with non-medical stream in year 20xx, securing 1st division) and college-level of studies (bachelor of computer applications degree, securing 1st division) in year 20xx. And now, for pursuing a master's in data science degree course, I have chosen to study MSc Data Science course at Middlesex University London for September 20xx intake.  

For my further studies, I researched various options available to me in the field of data science, not only in India but in various other abroad countries including USA, UK and Australia etc. In my research I found that it is best suitable to me, pursuing a master's degree course in data science in the UK instead of India, USA, or Australia. Researching about the details of master degree course options available at Indian institutions (BITS Pilani, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Guwahati and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham etc.) I found that for admission to respective master degree course option in data science (master of technology in data science) at these institutions a better rank in GATE exam would be necessarily required. But in order to have a decent rank, competitive enough to seek admission at these institutions, I might have to sit for the said exam for more than once. So, firstly I have to make plans for scoring well in the said exam and then I can think of pursuing master of technology in data science course at these institutions. So, I started thinking about finding some suitable course options in abroad for further studies. 

I found it quite suitable to me, studying further in the UK over USA or Australia. UK is placed among top-ranked study abroad destinations globally, housing some of the finest institutions in the world i.e. University College London, University of Oxford etc. It is a very well-known fact that UK institutions offer world-class facilities for study. Also, English being the language of communication in the UK, I can greatly enhance my English language skills while living in the UK. It is relatively cheaper to study a master's in data science degree at reputed institutions in the UK. Also, I can get a waiver for an English language exam score for admission to respective master's in data science degree courses at institutions in the UK whereas at most of the reputed institutions in USA or Australia, it is highly recommended to submit an English language exam score to fulfill respective course entry requirements.

And on noticing that it is suitable to me, pursuing my further studies in the UK I researched various options available in the UK for pursuing a master's degree in data science and found it, best suitable to me, studying further at Middlesex University London. Middlesex University is one of the top-ranked academic institutions in the world; in QS World University Rankings, it is ranked among the top 701-750 universities worldwide. Comparing the tuition fee costs for similar courses available in the UK at other institutions, I noticed that tuition fee costs at Middlesex Univerity are lower. Researching about MSc Data Science course at Middlesex University I noticed that it is well compatible study option for acquiring an advanced level of professional skills regarding data governance, visual analytics, machine learning, data mining and cloud computing; key concepts related to the field of data science. Also, London is considered as one of the best/safest cities in the world for living abroad. Knowing these facts I realized that Middlesex University would be the best option to me for pursuing my studies in the UK.  

On completion of MSc Data Science course at Middlesex University course, I will apply for post-study work visa so that I could work lawfully in UK. UK is considered as one of the best destinations in the world for pursuing future career in the data science field. Working in data science field in the UK will provide a different wow to my professional profile and it is for sure that on returning back to India, having a master's in data science degree along with a sound working profile in the data science field would surely help me in gaining employment with best employers in India. I would most probably make efforts for getting employed as a data science professional (data analyst, data mining engineer, data engineer or data scientist) at these leading employers in India: Capgemini India Pvt. Limited, Accenture India, Fractal Analytics, Tata Consultancy Services or Tech Mahindra etc. Also, I noticed that in starting I can get an annual package of around INR 06 to 08 lakhs. So, MSc Data Science course at Middlesex University would help me in getting ready for employment in the field of data science in my home country.


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