Best Statement of Purpose for Canada Student Visa


Statement of Purpose for Canada Student Visa - Humber College (Bachelor of Commerce-Accounting)

The Visa Officer
Canada Embassy
New Delhi

Subject: detailed explanation for my future study and career plans in support of my Canada study permit application

My Name: XXXX (mention your name)
My Date of birth: XX/XX/XXXX
My Nationality and Passport Number: XXXX (mention your nationality and passport number) 

With a dream of becoming an accounting professional in the future, after completing my level 12th studies, I started looking for the courses available in India to gain knowledge and working skills in the field of accounting. Previously, I was having maths, accountancy, and business studies as the key subjects during my level 12th studies (passing year XXXX) and I did great in all these; secured XX.XX % marks. I was quite aware of the fact that during my school-level studies I had just gained basic knowledge regarding concepts related to the accounting field and thus, it is obvious to me, pursuing further an academic credential that could help me to broaden my knowledge pool regarding accounting working field and let me capable working in the respective field in real-world scenarios. 

Starting with the options available in India, I looked at various other options available to me for my future studies in the field of accounting, and finally, I channelize my attention toward studying Bachelor of commerce - Accounting degree course at Humber College (Lakeshore campus) for September 20XX intake.

I dropped the idea of studying further in India after realizing that by studying abroad I would not only be offered to get practically skilled in the working field of accounting (practical working exposure is offered as a part of the course curriculum at abroad universities/institutions) but also, it would help me gaining knowledge regarding world's most advanced techniques/strategies for effectively working in the concerned field. In abroad destinations, I found, Canada an appealing option because of the much lower rates of tuition fees costs for bachelor's degrees in accounting than most of the institutions in other developed nations. Also, Canada offers the best place for an international student, taking into consideration the personal safety of an individual. Apart from it, during the COVID-19 scenario, Canada's government did its best for supporting (emotionally and financially) international students who were already in Canada at that time. So, knowing all this information, I got certain about studying further in Canada.

After researching various options for studying in the field of accounting in Canada, Humber College became my first choice; Humber College is one of the leading research colleges in Canada. It offers impactful learning environment through latest industry-standard cutting edge technologies equipment/tools on campus and modern infrastructural facilities. All the educators teaching courses for Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting degree course possess professional expertise in the accounting field and so, can help oneself better understand the challenges associated with the real-world workplace. Alongside it, they can help to gain the proven accounting techniques/strategies that are well meant to work effectively in the accounting field in modern workplaces. Talking about the composition of the Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting degree course at Humber College, it is well suited for an individual who wishes to gain in-depth knowledge regarding the accounting field; the course is covering all the crucial working areas related to the accounting field domain i.e. financial accounting, management accounting, financial management, taxation, audit and strategic management etc. Apart from all this, for studying Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting degree course at Humber College an international student has to pay an amount of just CAD $ XX.XX; one of the least for pursuing a bachelor's degree in accounting in Canada. Alongside it, international student can also be offered with financial help by the Humber College for studying the on-campus full-time courses.  

Being a native of India, I am pretty determined for pursuing my future career in my home country (India). In India, I would have full support of my parents as well as other family members; they can help me cope with all up & downs in my life by supporting me emotionally. India has some of the world's best accounting firms such as KMPG India, Deloitte India or RSM International for seeking future employment options in returning back to India. For accounting professionals (accounts executive, accounting analyst or taxation officer), in starting of professional career journey, an average salary between INR 35,000 to 50,000 per month can easily be expected. Also, the accounting working domain is considered one of the best in India among business allied working areas; huge possibilities are available for experienced accounting professionals where salaries can reach up to INR 1,00,000 per month. And hence, pursuing bachelor of commerce - accounting degree course at Humber College is one of the best decisions I have made in favor of my future career employment.

I also acknowledge that my family background is sound enough to help me financially for completing my studies at Humber College (Canada); I have three working members in my family (name family members and their professions) and they are making decent income from their respective professions.

So, I am making a request for issuing me Canadian study permit for completing my studies at Humber College.


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