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Sample SOP for MS in Software Engineering

Looking through the past few decades, it is clearly seen that technology is getting immersed in nearly every working domain, and most of the tasks associated with daily routine life are somehow getting affected by the technology. And every technological device that has a purpose in our life runs on some sort of computer program called software. So, it is rightly said that software has become a really crucial component of our daily routine life. And hence, completing a master's degree in software engineering can help me gain employment in the field that has really high growth estimations in the coming future not only in India but around the world. 

Giving a quick overview of my already completed academic qualifications, I passed level 10th studies in the year (mention year of passing) and secured a CGPA of (mention the CGPA you secured) and level 12th studies in the year (mention year of passing) with first division. As I was really interested in pursuing my higher education in the field of computer sciences I additionally studied computer science subject at my level 12th studies along with mathematics, physics, and chemistry subjects. Completing my Level 12th studies I enrolled in Bachelor of Computer Applications degree course at College (mention college name) affiliated with the University (mention university name). In the year (mention year of completion) I passed said degree course with first division. And now I am applying to pursue MSc Software Engineering degree course at Cardiff University.

Getting a master's in software engineering from abroad is way more appealing than in India; India is far behind from most of the developed countries in the area of technological innovations and hence, to get the most relevant skills/knowledge regarding the latest software tools/technologies, it is more beneficial to study at a destination known for its excellence in technological advancements. And while researching for the suitable destination in abroad for my further studies I realized that USA and UK are the topmost destinations in the world among English-speaking countries, leading the world innovation rankings. 

But in further research, I realized that studying in UK would be more suitable to me considering these factors: Institutions in UK offering master's degree courses in software engineering are known worldwide for their research excellence in the technological fields and hence, are the perfect options for pursuing higher studies in software engineering. I would have no need for a GRE score for admission to master's degree courses in software engineering in the UK and also, costs of studying the master's degree courses in software engineering at UK's institutions are well in the budget for most of the international students. UK is house to some of the most liveable cities in the world and also, living in UK's major cities is comparatively low on the pocket for an international student. UK offers permission to international students for working part-time while studying in the UK and provides them an extra resource for managing their living expenses. Post-study work visa options available for the UK after completing studies is providing an exceptional opportunity to acquire considerable working experience in the field of study at an international workpalce and get a sound understanding of real-world workplace environments.  

Cardiff University is counted among the world's best academic institutions known globally for their academic integrity and world-class research outcomes. Just because of its excellent research outcomes, Cardiff University is placed among Russell Group universities in the UK. Cardiff University is house to the National Software Academy; a center of excellence for higher education in the domain of software engineering in Wales. During the MSc Software Engineering course, students will be offered to get hands-on practice with leading-edge commercial tools and techniques for software development. Alongside the software development skills, this course will help me in developing other professional skills (project management) which are quite necessary while working as a part of a team/project. And hence, completing MSc Software Engineering course from Cardiff University will help me get prepared holistically for future career employment in the software engineering field. 

I have a clear thought of returning to India after successfully completing MSc Software Engineering degree course at Cardiff University. With having MSc Software Engineering degree credential I would be eligible of working at these designations: software developer, software engineer, software analyst or programmer. In India, I would most preferably seek future employment with leading IT industries i.e. TCS, Wipro, HCL Technologies, Accenture or IBM etc. Initially, in the domain of software engineering, professionals are offered salaries in the range of INR 45000-60000 on monthly basis. Also, once a professional got considerable working experience in the respective working domain, salaries offered could touch the mark of INR 80,000-1,25,000 on a monthly basis. 

So, I request admission committee to offer me a place in said course at Cardiff Uniersity.

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