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Sample Statement of Purpose: MSc Cyber Security - Sheffield Hallam University

Digital/cyber security threats have become one of the serious concerns of modern society; nowadays, people intentionally hack others' information for its misuse or planning a digital fraud. Traditional antivirus software or firewalls have gone outdated for complex modern digital security issues. So, with time, more advanced solutions would be required to counter cyber security threats in the future. Here comes the role of cyber security professionals who designed digitally reliable and secured platforms and software that ensures maximum protection from cyber security attacks. And it is evident that in the coming future, a much larger workforce of cyber security professionals would be needed to tackle the sharply hiking graph of digital frauds. So, after completing my bachelor's I decided to further get a master's degree in cyber security that would not only help me to secure a better future but also let me enable of serving the society.

During my bachelor's (bachelor of computer applications degree, completed in the year 20XX, achieving XX.XX % of marks from XXXX college) degree course I gained a sound understanding regarding various key areas related to computer sciences; programming languages, coding, database management, computing algorithms, web designing and software development etc. So, while pursuing master's in cyber security degree course I would have the advantage of being already skilled in these areas. Being from India, I am quite aware of the teaching approach at Indian institutions that only focuses on enabling the students to acquire theory-based subject expertise rather than providing them with the skills to effectively introduce what they learned during the course to resolve issues related to actual workplace environments. So, a student can have a degree with an excellent academic record but somehow he/she is not capable of entering the workforce just after completing their studies. 

Now, it comes to the task of finding a suitable option for my master's in abroad in the cyber security field. I gone through various channels/digital resources to let me get a solution to this problem and realize that getting a master's in cyber-security from UK would be the best suitable option to me; being at the top in the Global Cybersecurity Index, it is confirmed that UK is a way better option to study cyber security than in USA, Canada, Germany or any other European nation. Various institutions in the UK are offering master's degree courses in cyber security at reasonable costs whereas If one is considering studying a master's degree course in cyber security in the USA from a leading institution, a hefty amount of finance would be required for it. Also, with having a degree from an institution in the UK in cyber-security, I would have chances to get employed with the world's reputed employers; the quality of education offered at institutions in the UK in the field of cyber-security is considered world's best. Cyber security professionals are highly demanded in the UK, so after completion of my studies, while on post-study work visa I can easily find employment in respective field with an employer in the UK. And this would be another great resource for me to hike employability chances; candidates with professional working experiences are preferred by Indian employers. 

From a range of study options available in the UK for studying a master's degree course in cyber security, I decided to study MSc Cyber Security course at Sheffield Hallam University; it is certified by The National Cyber Security Centre and hence, the curriculum offered for the course would be of world-class quality to study in the field of cyber security along with the fact employers around the globe will recognize respective degree credential i.e. MSc Cyber Security for employment in the field of cyber-security. Cutting-edge technologies, tools and systems ensures the best learning environment at Sheffield Hallam University for studying in the field of cyber security. Also, Sheffield Hallam University in the UK is among such options for pursuing master's degree course in cyber security that suits the budget of most of the international students; MSc Cyber Security is one of the most cost-effective options for pursuing a master's degree course in cyber security in the UK. 

I have planned to apply for post-study work visa for UK on successful completion of my studies at Sheffield Hallam University. I seriously felt that with having decent professional working experience with an employer in the UK in the field of cyber-security, my resume will get more captivating than with alone a master's degree in cyber security from Sheffield Hallam University; candidates with abroad degrees and international working experiences have higher chances of finding employment with Indian MNCs. In the list of employers for seeking future career employment in the field of cyber-security, these are the best options available in India: SkyLark Technologies, exec Forte Technologies, AVG India, XenonSTack, and IARM Information Security Pvt. Ltd. etc. To cyber security professionals (information security officer, IT Security Analyst, Network Security Engineer or CS Engineer etc.), in the starting of professional career in respective field, salaries in range of INR 40,000 to 60,000 on monthly basis are expected. The most fascinating fact about working in the field of cyber-security is that for experienced professionals, salaries grow sharply and can go up to INR 75,000 to 1,20,000 in just 5-7 years of professional experinces. So, completing master's degree in cyber security from Sheffield Hallam University would help me in securing a better career in my home country. 

So, I request the admission officer kindly offer me a place in the said degree course at Sheffield Hallam University.

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