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SOP Sample for Undergraduate: Macquarie University - Bachelor of Information Technology 

As a student with non-medical background (studied maths, chemistry and physics at level 12th studies), pursuing further studies in technology or engineering areas is the best suitable option for my further studies. But I was confused about the question; which engineering/technology domain would be best suited to me for my bachelor's studies? And researching all possible domains allied to the engineering/technology field, I seriously felt that getting a bachelor's in information technology would do a great job in securing a better future. 

Information technology has played an important part in improving our daily lifestyle i.e. we can access information from where ever we are without any delay, we can study online via digital platforms using IT applications, done a remarkable job in the exponential growth of the e-commerce industry, has greatly improved the business-decision making processes; in a matter of seconds, we can analyze really huge sets of business data using IT tools/applications and can make a well-informed business decision. Increasing utility of IT products has made it an irreplaceable part of our lives. And so, in regards to future career employment, IT can be considered the best option; working opportunity pool of IT professionals would go on expanding with time as we get more and more reliant on IT applications. 

Doing research for bachelor's degree options in information technology in India, I realized that instead of studying further in India, it would be a better option to me pursue my further studies in the field of information technology in abroad; with time, rapid advancements have been made in IT field but what (techniques/concepts) is getting taught at most of the Indian institutions has a very little relevance with what is actually getting used in modern IT industries. So, skills/knowledge acquired during the course would hardly be of any use while working in real-world working environments. And now the next question hit my mind; if not India then what other country? 

And keeping this puzzle in my mind I researched various destinations i.e. USA, UK, Australia and Canada. But I realized that instead of going with USA, UK or Canada, Australia is better option to me: various world-renowned institutions are available in Australia that are offering bachelor's degree courses in IT field. Cheapest costs of studying bachelor's courses in IT field at Australian institutions make it a preferred option among international students over US or UK for the same. Also, for international students, living in Australia is considered safer than in USA or UK. Australian cities are one of the best options to experience world-class living standards and that too at reasonable costs. Students can work part-time while studying in Australia without any additional permission from any authorities and can make additional money for enjoying their stay in Australia. 

Macquarie University, being one of the top 1% universities worldwide (THE World University Rankings 2021), a QS 5 stars rated university and one of the Australia's leading universities is among the world's best options for higher education. Macquarie University offers the most up-to-date industry-standard IT facilities on campus; it has recently invested over 10 million to upgrade the facilities available on-campus to study in the IT field. Bachelor of IT degree course at Macquarie University is so uniquely designed to let the students develop a complete set of skills required by the employers i.e. technical, communication, teamwork and project management. Flexibility offered to take up two majors during the course enables one to get professional expertise in more than one area related to the field of information technology and hence, after graduating, one can have a larger pool of possible career options in the IT field. Industry project is collaborated with the course to let the students solve one of the real-world IT issues by using skills/knowledge that they have acquired during the course. Comparing with all other reputed institutions offering Bachelor of IT degree course options in Australia i.e. Monash University, UTS or The University of Sydney, costs to study respective course at Macquarie University are quite reasonable for an international student. Sydney, being world's safest city offers one of the best options for living in Australia, and also, one can enjoy world-class living standards while living in Sydney. 

After finishing my studies at Macquarie University I will try to get post-study work visa for Australia. I will make use of this opportunity to gain professional working experience in the field of my studies with an Australian employer. Returning back to India would be my utmost priority before my post-study work visa expires. I would have a great advantage of having an abroad degree along with a decent working profile with an international employer while trying to get employed with India's leading IT firms i.e. Cognizant, Infosys, Mahindra Tech, Accenture, TCS or MindTree etc. In starting as an IT professional (IT Technician, Programmer, Software Developer or IT Engineer etc.) with either of these employers an average salary of INR 50,000 to 70,000 can be expected on monthly basis. Also, for experienced IT professionals, salaries can go up to INR 90,000 to 15,00,000 on monthly basis with these employers. So, completing bachelor of information technology degree course at Macquarie University would be a great asset to my academic profile that would help me start a promising career in the IT field in my home country (India). 

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