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SOP Example for Masters: MSc Information Systems - The University of West London

Analyzing the global IT trends which are indicating the rapid adoption of IT technologies among varied industrial sectors for managing production/manufacturing/business-decision-making processes, it is confirmed that the future of modern business industry relies entirely on IT/information systems. IT systems are used to store really huge sets of business/management data which can be filtered to get desired information for making business decisions that leads to better business outcomes. So, mastering in field of information systems can be considered a great asset for shaping a promising career. Having an academic background in computer sciences, it would surely favor my decision of studying further a master's degree course in information systems. I studied the concepts of programming, database management, coding, software development, and operating systems during my bachelor's level of studies (bachelor of computer applications, completed in the year 20XX from XXXX University with 1st division); all these concepts play an important part in designing and development of IT systems/applications.  

For studying a master's in information systems, European countries offer the best options; European countries are the leading trendsetters in the field of IT innovations and research, and thus, the curriculum offered at institutions in European countries can offer opportunities to get most advanced knowledge towards the latest IT concepts/technologies. And for studying in IT-related fields, UK is considered the best among European countries; UK's universities occupy top positions among world's best institutions for higher studies in the field of computer science and technology along with the fact that for studying a master's in computer or information technology, costs of study in the UK are considered one of the lowest among leading European countries. 

The University of West London is rated as one of the leading research-intensive universities in the UK; recognized internationally for its world-class research. The University of West London is offering one of the best options for studying a master's degree course in information systems i.e. MSc Information Systems. This course is well structured for developing professional expertise regarding information systems designing, development and integration within organizations. Professors (Jose, Abdelnour Nocera, Dr. Malte Ressin and Dr. Waqar Asif etc.) who would teach MSc Information Systems course subjects are leading researchers in the UK in various computer sciences allied domains. Costs of studying MSc Information Systems course at The University of West London are so reasonable that even students from developing countries can easily afford to study the course without feeling any financial burden. 

Getting professionally experienced in the IT field in UK along with MSc Information System would be a great combination for me to be enabled of finding working opportunities with leading IT or business firms in India. So, after completing the course at the University of West London I will make efforts to extend my stay in the UK by getting post-study work visa for UK. Leading IT firms in UK (DataArt, iTechArt Group etc.) would be on my target for acquiring professional expertise in the domain of information systems. And it would be my utmost priority to get back to India well in time before the expiration of post-study work visa. Accenture India, Redington India Ltd, MindTree, and HCL Technologies, are such companies in India which I preferred to get employed with. Information systems professionals i.e. systems analysts, IT systems designers, etc. can think of getting an average amount of INR 50,000 to 65,000 as a monthly salary in starting of the professional career in the concerned field. And experienced IT systems professionals can work on bigger IT projects and can get an average amount of INR 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 as a monthly salary. 


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