SOP for Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science

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Sample Statement of Purpose for Computer Science (Undergraduate Degree Course; B.Sc.) 

Introducing myself, I am XXXX permanently residing at XXXX, India. Currently, I am living with my family having 3 members; my father-Mr. XXXX (mention occupation of the father), my mother-Mrs. XXXX (mention occupation of the mother) and I. I passed the secondary school examination in the year 201X from XXXX (mention board of school education), achieved XX.XX GPA and senior secondary school examination from XXXX (mention board of school education) in year 201X with XX.XX marks. And now I have made plans for pursuing B.Sc. (Hons) computer science course at Brunel University London after researching all the possible study options available to me.

My plans of studying abroad instead of India is based on the fact that after getting a bachelor degree in computer science from any of the reputed institutions in India I won't be able to directly enter the workplace; at Indian institutions, barely any practical working opportunity is offered during the course that could help an individual to acquire workplace relevant working skills. And hence, getting a bachelor's degree is of no use in terms of acquiring actual working knowledge. Also, there are number of factors that influence admission at Indian institutions (caste-based reservations etc.); making it highly difficult to find admission at a reputed college/university. Considering these factors, I preferred to get my further education from abroad. 

Choosing a dream destination for studying abroad is not an easy task. For studying abroad I preferred to make a choice from either of these two: USA and UK; world's most reputed destinations for pursuing higher studies; these countries are very well known for their research outcomes in technological and engineering domains. But various other factors led me to choose UK for my higher studies over USA. Firstly thinking about admission to an undergraduate degree in computer science, one must have a valid SAT or ACT score in order to secure admission at USA's best institutions and also, courses offered by the institutions in the USA, in terms of tuition fee expenses goes way beyond normal that could easily be borne by an international student. At most of the UK's institutions, I realized that I can easily secure admission even without having any kind of tests scores. Unlike USA, tuition fee structure for bachelor's in computer science degree courses at most of the institutions in UK is very well in the range of international students. In very similar manner to academic credentials from institutions in USA, degrees from UK institutions are highly recognized by world's top organizations and hence, can offer an opportunity to get employed with one of the best employers around the globe. Apart from these factors, UK, being one of the most developed nations in the world, offers world-class living standards. 

While checking the list of various institutions in the UK offering bachelor's degree courses in the field of computer science I found it the best option for me, pursuing further education at Brunel University London. One of the factors that attracted my attention towards Brunel University London is its rank among the world's top universities; ranked number 354th university worldwide. It clearly reflects that Brunel University is one of the globally recognized world-class institutions for pursuing higher studies. Through a perfect combination of industrially driven curriculums (designed in consultation with industry-specific experts & meeting the academic quality standards according to FHEQ- Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland), world-class infrastructure & learning resources, academic educators having expertise in their subjects areas, peer-assisted & Work-based learning opportunities (practical training/work placement/internships), Brunel University London is providing the best learning environment. Another competitive edge of studying the B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science course at Brunel University London and not at any other institution is lower tuition fee costs for the specified course. 

B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science course at Brunel University London is one of the most suitable study options for acquiring a complete set of working skills/understanding regarding programming, software development, web application development & networking systems designing etc; all these areas are considered to be the backbone of computer science/engineering working domain and also, it would help me to have a formal bachelor degree qualification in computer science and hence, make me eligible for seeking working opportunities with reputed Indian organizations. Apart from it, a group project/computer science project is integrated as a core module of the course that would enable the students to implement theory into practice and develop real-world working skills.  Describing the course content of the course, I would be offered, following study units during the course as core modules: data & information, information systems & organizations, introductory programming, logic & computation, algorithms & their applications, network & operating systems, software development & management, advanced topics in computer science along with herein said optional modules; artificial intelligence, cyber security, digital media & games, software engineering & network computing etc. 

Once I finished my studies at Brunel University London, I will make efforts to meet the criteria of getting a post-study work visa that would help me to stay a bit longer in the UK and gather as much practical knowledge as I could by working in the field of my studies in UK. However, staying in the UK after completing my education at Brunel University London is not the only option available to me, I might return back to India. Booming IT industry in India is producing thousands of working options every year for professionals having expertise in computer science/engineering areas. Having an undergraduate bachelor degree from the UK can alone help me to secure a well-paying (INR 40-65 thousand on monthly basis) working position in the field of computer science i.e. Programmer, Software Developer, Web Applications Developer, Networking Systems Designer & Software Testing Engineer, etc with any of these reputed employers in India: IBM, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Technologies Ltd, TCS, Cognizant & Tech Mahindra Limited etc. 

In last I request you to kindly consider my candidature for admission to B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science course at Brunel University London and confirm a place to me in specified course option.



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