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SOP Sample for UK: University of Westminster (MSc Accounting and Finance)

It is a widely known fact that accountants are considered as one of the key business professionals responsible for determining and maintaining the financial health of a business organization. They could provide valuable quantitative insights of the business that could help in improving business performances. Also, accounting profession never goes out of demand i.e. demand of skilled accountants always remained on the upside. So, by having an advanced level of professional expertise regarding the accounting field along with a master's degree in accounting, one can expect a promising career. 

I am XXXXX (DOB: XX/XX/XXXX), permanent resident of XXXXX (India). Briefly explaining my academic history, I scored a GPA of XX.XX at my secondary level of studies -2011 (CBSE) and first division at my senior school certificate examination -  2013 (CBSE). In order to enlarge my knowledge pool regarding business subjects, I pursued B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce) degree course  (XXXX - university name) and passed the final year exam for the same degree in the year 2016, achieving 1st division. After completion of my bachelor's level of studies, I find employment (job designation: accounts executive) with a local private firm (XXXX - mention firm name) - joining date: XX/XX/XXXX. However, I have acquired decent professional experience in the accounting working domain but still, I believed that further upgrading my academic profile by pursuing a master's degree in accounting can help me in advancing my professional career i.e. with having a master's degree credential along with decent professional experience in accounting field I can find better-paid working options. 

Being an Indian, firstly I consider Indian institutions for my higher studies and found the fact that M.Com. (Master of Commerce) degree course is considered as one of the most relevant study options for pursuing a master's degree in accounting in India. But my detailed research regarding said course option led me to take the decision of finding a compatible study option to me for higher studies in abroad; it would be quite unrealistic, expecting advanced skills regarding accounting working domain by pursuing M.Com. (Master of Commerce) degree course in India as modern industries have started leveraging latest technologies/tools and modern working methodologies to manage and administer accounts-related work while curriculums offered for M.Com. course at most of the Indian institutions are not meant to provide any understanding regarding latest technologies and modern working methodologies to manage and administer accounts-related work. And it can easily be understood that with having an M.Com. (Master of Commerce) degree credential I can't think of working effectively in modern industrial environments and also, because of not having skills which employers want, getting a job opportunity in itself would be quite challenging. So I decided to consider some suitable course option in abroad. 

For my further studies in abroad, I preferred to study in UK. UK is one of the most renowned destinations in the world for pursuing higher education, comparable to the USA. It houses some of the world's top-ranked academic institutions. To ensure that the quality of education offered by the institutions in the UK is one of the best, QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) plays a vital part. Degrees from institutions in the UK are no doubt recognized among industries/organiztions around the world. Master degree courses in accounting offered at most of the institutions in UK being of just 12 months durations, comparatively lower funding be required to complete the studies. Scholarships that worth millions of pounds are offered to international students by the UK's institutions/Government. While on a student visa, an international student can work part-time to generate some passive income for meeting extra expenses while living the UK. Also, on completion of studies, an international student can work lawfully in the UK by getting a post-study work visa and hence, along with an international degree, he/she can acquire decent professional experience in the field of study in the UK. 

I researched about the various possibilities (courses and institutions) for pursuing a master's degree course in accounting in the UK but noticed the following factors which let me decide to study at the University of Westminster: it is a gold approved learning partner of ACCA; the global body for professional accountants and hence, a perfect option for pursuing a master degree course in accounting. also, it is named among the world's top 100 most international universities with global outreach. Education offered at the University of Westminster is meant to provide professional expertise in the respective field of study. Cutting-edge digital technologies are offered at University of Westminster. Taking into consideration about study costs, studying the respective course at the University of Westminster is one of the affordable options available in the UK. The University of Westminster provides a wide range of scholarship options to international students for helping them pay their course fees. Also, global alumni network of the University of Westminster can help greatly in seeking future employment with multinational companies worldwide.   

MSc Finance and Accounting course offered by the University of Westminster is a well-balanced study program to acquire an advanced level of knowledge regarding the areas of accounting and finance. During the course, I can easily make the choice of modules that suits my needs i.e. I can either specialize in the accounting area or finance or a combination of both. Also, it is professionally accredited by ACCA and CIMA; world's most prestigious professional accounting bodies. During the course, I can get an opportunity of undergoing an internship with a "Big Four" firm that would enable me to get exposure of the latest accounting tools/technologies.  

On completing my studies at the University of Westminster I am pretty sure about my return to my native country. With having the MSc Finance and Accounting from the University of Westminster I would become quite proficient regarding world-class accounting tools and techniques that would provide me an edge over the candidate having Indian qualifications and In India, I would have the opportunity to seek future working options with some of the most reputed Indian organizations i.e. KMPG India, Reliance Industries Limited, Grand Thorton International, BDO Global etc. In the initial stages, I can have a salary of around INR 40,000-45,000 and there are sound possibilities of getting way better salaries with increasing working experience. So, pursuing MSc Accounting and Finance course at University of Westminster would greatly help me to get financially rewarding career options.  



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