Best Sample SOP for Master of Professional Accounting

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Sample SOP for Masters in Professional Accounting: La Trobe University

I am xxxxx (mention your name), born on xxxxx (mention date of birth). Currently, I am residing at xxxxxx (mention current residential address) with my family: my parent, my elder brother and younger sister. Since birth, I bear Indian citizenship and holding an Indian passport: xxxxx (mention passport number). Explaining my previous academic details, I scored well in my school and college level of studies:

  • CGPA of 8.80 at matriculation exam - xxxxx (mention board of education)
  • 1st division at senior school certificate exam - xxxxx (mention board of education)
  • 1st division at bachelor degree (bachelor of commerce) examination - xxxxx (mention university/college name and address of the institution).

Being determined of pursuing my master’s in abroad I prepared for PTE Academic exam and finally, on xxxxx (mention date of exam) I appeared for the PTE Academic exam and scored an overall band score of xx with having a score of xx in listening, xx in reading, xx in speaking and xx in writing.

Reasons, which motivated me to pursue further studies abroad rather than in my native country; India:

To raise my current level of understanding regarding the field of accounting, I made the decision of pursuing a master degree credential and researched various institutions in India, offering master degree course options (master of commerce) to excel in field of accounting i.e. University of Delhi, Lovely Professional University, Chandigarh University, Stella Maris College, Kurukshetra University and Maharishi Dayanand University etc. However, it is very well known fact that these institutions bear a national level of reputation but still on giving weightage to these below-described factors I found it to be more appealing, pursuing my further studies in abroad: master of commerce degree course is not a suitable course to gain practical skills/understanding regarding techniques/methods for managing the accounts of an organization in a competent way; teaching approach at Indian institutions being more theoretical, students can hardly gain any practical working skills/knowledge regarding accounting methods/techniques studied as a part of the specified course. On considering admission possibilities in master of commerce degree course at these institutions, very limited intake capacity and peak level of admission cut-off percentages makes it highly challenging,  finding a place in specified course at these institutions. Carefully examining these above-described factors I decided to pursue a master's degree course in accounting from an abroad institution.   

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Reasons, which motivated me to pursue further studies in Australia rather than in any other abroad country:

I researched various study abroad destinations: USA, UK, Australia and Canada for finding some suitable option for my further studies in abroad and noticed various factors which indicate that pursuing my further studies in Australia would be best to me: Australian education system bears a global reputation for offering world-class higher education, comparable to USA, UK or Canada. Also, Australian degrees are considered to be one of the most recognized academic credentials among employers around the globe. Considering the costs of study for master's degree programs in accounting, Australian degree courses are far more affordable options than courses offered by institutions in the USA or UK. Australia is offering a simple admission procedure; no additional exam scores are required for admission to master's degree programs in accounting whereas at institutions in USA or Canada, specified exams i.e. Graduate Management Admission Test etc. are required for admission. Australia offers a safer environment to international students and also, it is comparatively cheaper to live in Australian cities than cities in USA or UK. For financially, supporting the international students, they are provided with scholarships by the institutions/universities in Australia. Part-time working rights while studying in Australia to international students help them make some passive income to meet miscellaneous expenses related to their studies. 

Reasons, which motivated me to pursue further studies at La Trobe University in Australia:

I made detailed research regarding various institutions in Australia offering master's degree course options in professional accounting and noticed the following described information on finding which I decided to study at La Trobe University in Australia: La Trobe University is considered as one of the world-class higher education academic institutions in Australia; ranked # 362nd worldwide in QS World University Rankings and has been awarded 5 stars ratings for world-standard facilities, research, innovation and inclusiveness. Counting on the tuition fee costs I found it more suitable, pursuing the respective course at La Trobe University; tuition fee costs at La Trobe University for master of professional accounting course are relatively lower than other academic institutions (mention at least 3-4 universities names here for which tuition fee costs for master of professional accounting course are higher than La Trobe University). Students at La Trobe University are offered with every sort of additional support (academic, personal or financial), which they needed to succeed in their studies. Industrially experienced educators at La Trobe University let the students know about future industry trends and shifts, based on their professional expertise and thus enable students to get knowledge/skills relevant to future-oriented industrial environments. La Trobe University offers work-integrated learning opportunities; internships are offered as a part of the courses. Also, La Trobe University is offering the opportunity to study the master of professional accounting course at its Sydney campus. Sydney is considered one of the safest and most liveable cities in the world. 

Reasons, which motivated me to pursue the master of professional accounting course at La Trobe University in Australia: 

Basically, the most appealing aspect about the master of professional accounting course I came to know about while researching its details from the official website of La Trobe University ( is that it is offering an opportunity to get solid foundational skills and knowledge regarding every aspect closely related to the field of accounting i.e. accounting information systems,  finance, taxation, auditing and law.  Also, a range of electives would be offered during the course to specialize in additional areas related to the business field including business analytics, information systems management etc. Master of professional accounting course at La Trobe University is recognized by IPA (Institute of Public Accountants) and 240 credit points across 2 years would be required to be eligible of getting the master of professional accounting degree credential. It is comprised of these core subjects: academic integrity module, accounting for managers, financial accounting information systems, financial management, foundations of company and commercial law, management accounting, principles of economics, statistics for business and finance, sustainable management and marketing, advanced accounting issues, advanced auditing and assurance services and advanced corporate accounting and taxation

Future career aspirations on completion of my studies at La Trobe University: 

On successfully completing my studies at La Trobe University I have options to apply for a post-study work (PSW) visa for Australia that would enable me to lawfully work for a limited time period in Australia and acquire a handsome international working experience. If I successfully managed to get a PSW visa I will try to get as much professional experience as I could in the relevant field to my studies, so that on returning back to my home country I have both; an internationally recognized academic credential as well as a decent professional working profile. If I didn't get a PSW visa for Australia I have planned my return to India and most preferably, I will seek employment in India with either of these organizations:  Cyient India, Deloitte India, Aditya Birla Group, Tata Steel Limited, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank etc. With master of professional accounting degree from La Trobe University, I would be able to seek the following working designations: accountant, financial analyst, taxation advisor or auditing executive and I have the possibility of getting an average starting salary in between INR 35,000-45000. Also, acquiring handsome professional experience would help me to get much better salaries i.e. ranging in between 65,000 to 80,000 per month.    

Financial Support available to me for my studies at La Trobe University (Australia):

Financially, my family is fully capable of providing me support for my studies at La Trobe University. Particularly, my father ( XXXX mention father name and his occupation) is going to fund all the expenses related to my studies in Australia. Annually he is making a handsome income from his Tyres sale and purchase business i.e. around XXXX (mention your father's income value). Alongside, his annual income, he also has approximately INR XXXXX equivalent to AUD XXXXX in his savings account. 

Conditions which I have to obey while on Australian Student Visa: 

While my stay in Australia for my entire study period I will meet all student visa conditions proposed by the Department of Home Affairs Australia stated below:

  • I can't work more than 40 hours per fortnight during my study period and I can't start working until my course of study commences.
  • I must maintain my OSHC for the entire duration of study period in Australia.
  • I must notify my address to my education provider within seven days of my arrival in Australia and any change in my address within seven days of change and also any change in education provider within seven days of receiving the electronic confirmation of enrolment certificate.
  • I must continue to satisfy all the requirements for grant of my student visa.
  • I would have to maintain 80% attendance during my studies.  

(Important: you can use this sop sample for just reference purpose, it is requested not to copy any material from it as any copied content in your SOP may lead to the visa application rejection)

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