Awesome Guide To Write Canada Student Visa SOP

 Are you keen to know about the perfect way of writing an SOP for Canada Student Visa? The following guide can really make you feel confident about writing the one.

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Canada Student Visa SOP

Canada Student Visa SOP Format: 

In a very general form, an SOP essentially comprises of the following portions: 
  • Introduction: in this portion, one has to provide a brief description of his/her personal/family/academic/employment details. Also, it is advised to write some lines which express sole interest in the field in which you are going to pursue your future studies in Canada.
  • Explanation for not choosing your own country for further studies: in this portion, you must provide detail regarding the course/institutions available in your home country for pursuing studies in the respective field and list some genuine reasons which make you not to pursue your studies in the home country i.e. you can mention here the specific exam score requirements for admission or lack of modern resources for education etc. 
  • Explanation for not choosing other countries for your further studies: in this portion, you must state the legitimate reasons for choosing Canada over other abroad countries i.e. you can make comparison of study costs and personal safety factor etc.
  • Explanation for choosing a particular institution in Canada: in this portion, you must describe the facts which motivate you to pursue your studies at a particular institution in Canada i.e. you can mention here institution-specific reputation or tuition fee comparison with other institutions in Canada etc.
  • Explanation for choosing the particular study program: in this portion, you must explain that how the respective study program would help you to achieve your future goals i.e. you must provide information regarding the skills which you would acquire on completion of the respective study program
  • Describe your future plans on the completion of your studies in Canada: in this portion, you must very carefully describe your plans on completing your studies in Canada i.e. Try to emphasize that adequate of working options would be possible in your home country in the field of your studies and give enough reasons to visa officer to get convinced that you are interested to pursue your future career in home country and not in Canada. 

Sample SOP for Canada Student Visa:

Globally rising demand for data analytics professionals is clearly giving an indication towards the availability of a huge pool of working options to respective professionals around the world. And hence, having working skills and knowledge in the field of data analytics can be a most rewarding asset to be eligible of seeking one of the best career options in the coming future.

Briefly talking about my own self, I am XXXXXX, a permanent resident of XXXXXX. I possess an XXXXX passport with number XXXXXX. I was born on XXXXX. I have a nuclear family having 4 members; my parent (mention their occupations), younger brother (mention occupation) and myself. Throughout my academic profile, I scored very well; secondary school examination: 8.8 CGPA, senior secondary school level exam: 79.5% marks in major four subjects i.e. English Core, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and bachelor degree i.e. B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering: 1st division with distinction. And now I have planned to further pursue Ontario College Graduate Certificate-Big Data Analytics at Georgian College in Canada. 

Before making my plans to further study in Canada I give a thought to the best possible course option i.e. M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in data analytics available in my home country (India) at various institutions i.e. BITS Pilani, Xavier University, Lovely Professional University and Jaypee Institute of Information Tecnology etc. But on realizing the facts that in India it would be nearly impossible to me, getting exposure of recent technologies introduced to the domain of data analytics and also, it requires score in GATE exam to be eligible of seeking admission in said course at these institutions, I made the decision of seeking some suitable study option in abroad. For finding a suitable destination in abroad for my further studies I researched in detail about various study abroad destinations; USA, UK, Canada and Australia etc. But my detailed research about these destinations let me know that Canada would be the most suitable destination to me for pursuing my higher studies in abroad; Canada is placed consistently among world's most trusted destination for acquiring world-class higher education, it is comparatively less expensive to pursue a course at a Canadian institution, except a few universities than institutions in USA, UK or Australia, employers around the world very well recognize Canadian degrees/academic credentials, Canada is counted among world's most safe destinations; USA, UK or Australia, any of three destinations have no match with Canada on counting the personal safety factor. Also, Canadian Government/institutions offer scholarships to international students which significantly reduces the costs of education in Canada for international students. Canadian cities offer one of the best living standards and that too at lower costs than other developed countries. 

After this, on further proceeding my research for finding a suitable academic institution in Canada I found that Georgian College is the perfect option for my further studies; it is rated as one of the best academic institutions in Ontario; possessing one of the highest graduate employment rates among Ontario based colleges. Courses offered at Georgian College directly correspond to the real-world industrial environments. Through Co-op programs, students are provided with the opportunities to get knowledge and understanding regarding the challenges that would be encountered while working in the actual workplace. Also, researching in detail about the respective course at Georgian College I found that it is among the best study options to get all the necessary knowledge and skills to perform these essential tasks quite effectively: collection, curation, manipulation, encoding, storage and analysis of data sets. During the said course, following study units would be offered: data manipulation techniques, information encoding standards, data system architecture, business process and modeling, data programming, mathematics for data analytics, data visualization, social data and mining techniques, data collection and curation, enterprise analytics, business intelligence and data analytics project.

Once I will complete my studies at Georgian College I have a clear thought in my mind of returning back to my home country; India. The demand of data analytics professionals in India is greatly enhanced in recent years; more and more working options are getting generated for the professionals engaged in the field of data analytics. In India, I would have options to seek future employment with either of these reputed employers: IBM, Deloitte, Accenture or HCL etc. Also, in respective field I can get an initial starting salary ranging in between INR 40,000 to 60,000 per month. On getting the handsome experience in the respective field, there are decent chances of getting much better salaries. And hence, completion of said course option from Georgian College would help me to start my professional career in field of data analytics in my home country. 

Points to remember while writing an SOP:

  • Write down your own story in the SOP and not the copy paste work from any other source
  • Keep the word limit in the SOP between the range of about 1000-1500 words
  • You just have to emphasize on your study plans in the SOP 
  • Never mention dual intention in the SOP i.e. you will go for work visa or PR or TR on completion of your studies 

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