A Unique & Realistic SOP Sample for MS in Computer Science

What is an SOP?
An SOP or Statement of Purpose is really a crucial document, whether it is an admission application to a top tier institution in USA, UK, Australia or Canada or a student visa application to study at leading study abroad destinations. It is a kind of document that conveys detailed information regarding your future study plans at a particular abroad nation/abroad institution for higher education & your expected future career goals after completing your studies in abroad.
statement of purpose for ms in computer science
Statement of Purpose for MS in Computer Science

Facts to be considered while writing an SOP:

  • However the facts/information shared through an SOP are usually the same for all the study abroad destinations but remember that SOP writing formats are entirely different for different study abroad destinations.
  • You must be concise with the facts/information which you are going to mention in the SOP i.e. reasons for choosing a particular abroad destination or university for your higher study etc.
  • Never shows a dual intention in the SOP i.e. studying & permanently settling in an abroad nation. You must emphasize on just explaining your plans for studying in a particular abroad destination. 
  • Try to mention realistic reasons for choosing an abroad destination & not the copy paste stories form internet. You can make a sound comparison of your chosen study abroad destination with other abroad destinations on the basis of tuition fee costs, rankings of institutions & other factors etc. 
  • Try not to cross the word limit for SOP as specified by the university where you are trying to get admitted. 

  • Make a relevance of your chosen study program with the your previous academic studies or employment and also, to your future career goals.

  • Proofread your SOP as many times as you can before submitting it & try to make it error free, whether it is grammatical, spelling or any other error.

  • Divide the SOP in different paragraphs & give it a better look than just a lengthy paragraph that looks too boring to read it. 

You can take help from this below given SOP sample for MS in Computer Science to understand the way of writing an SOP with a facts oriented & realistic approach.

Statement of Purpose Sample for MS in Computer Science in US:

Because of my great enthusiasm to learn competitive skills & acquiring advanced knowledge in newly emerged areas associated with computer sciences/technology, I always remained on the lookout to find better resources for it. I strongly believe that the most important tool to carve a better future in field of computer sciences/technology is making our own selves compatible enough to work in rapidly evolving technological environments. Starting from my school level education, I opted mathematics & physics as major subject at my senior secondary level studies (12th) so that I could laid a sound foundation regarding basic concepts required to perform well in bachelor’s degree in field of computer sciences.

During my bachelor’s (Bachelor of technology in computer science & engineering from xxxxxxxxx) I did well in these areas: programming, operating systems, computer networks, computer graphics, embedded computing & software systems etc. (Note: mention the areas in which you scored well). Along with my bachelor's, because of my sole interest for learning the in depth tactics of computer networking, I joined a short online course xxxxxxx (mention course name if you joined some) & learnt advanced knowledge/skills regarding modern networking technologies, network trouble shooting, Ethernet wiring infrastructure & routing algorithms etc. I also, completed a project as a part of my bachelor’s degree in area of “Content Based Routing in Software Defined Networks” (mention the project which you completed as a part of your bachelor degree).  

On completion of my bachelor degree I joined an organization named; (mention organization name) xxxxxxxxx as a network analyst starting from (date of joining) xxxxxxx & currently working at the same. But now on observing the immense growth potential in newly introduced concepts to the domain of computer sciences i.e. artificial intelligence & machine learning in correspondence to the rising demand of respective professionals around the world & competitive salaries offered to them and also, on realizing the fact that for seeking professional gains i.e. designation growth & salary hike etc. in coming future I would be required a master’s degree, I give a detailed thought to my further studies in domain of computer science with major emphasize on acquiring detailed working knowledge/skills in artificial intelligence & machine learning areas. 

On looking through the study options available for advancing my existing knowledge in areas of computer sciences & acquiring proficiency for working in field of artificial intelligence & machine learning I felt that no other option except from USA can help me a lot, as the most prestigious institution available to study in the domain of computer sciences are housed in US & also, to learn about the most advanced & trending technologies getting used in fields of artificial intelligence & machine learning, USA is the best possible option for the same as it is at the forefront of technological innovation & well known to lead the emerging trends in domain of computer sciences. In US, I have chosen to study at Carnegie Mellon University because of various facts which drive my attention towards it as explained here: it is ranked well among the top universities globally in various world university rankings; QS World University Rankings 2020 ranked it # 51st worldwide & THE World University Rankings ranked it # 27th worldwide etc, it offers #1 Graduate program for Computer Science & also, #1 for specialty offered in the fields of artificial intelligence & machine learning according to US News & World Report 2018. Apart from this, during MS in Computer Science program at Carnegie Mellon University I am free to construct my own course of study in consultation with academic advisor, making me able to pursue the courses I am interested in & suit my needs.

After completing my studies at Carnegie Mellon University I will return back to my native  country because of availability of a rapidly flourishing job market for professionals having expertise in advanced concepts introduced to the field of computer sciences/technology i.e. artificial intelligence & machine learning. It would be much beneficial for me to start my professionals career in my native country after completing my studies in US in relevance to these factors: swift rise in demand of AI & Machine Learning professionals & ease of getting absorbed in industry by utilizing the professional network which I built during my previous working profile. So I can say that acquiring an MS in Computer Science degree from Carnegie Mellon University would enable me to seek better ways for a more rewarding career ahead in coming future.

Hope this SOP sample for MS in Computer Science course can benefit you for writing a unique SOP for your own admission/visa application for studying abroad at a leading destination. 

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